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Sarah Lajeunesse and Apryl Munro became fast friends while working together as news Videographers with Rogers TV in Simcoe County in 2004. They covered countless breaking news stories over the years and learned so much about the area, the people and the community as a whole.

What are we doing?

We are on a constant quest for answers to life’s biggest questions. Like, why eye cream is so important, and what people don’t tell you about what happens to your body after a baby. Honestly, why is no one telling us this stuff? Our mission is to find the answers and share them with you. We also love to shine a spotlight on things

you need to know about the area, from the latest trends in health and fitness, tips and tricks for our business experts and also chatting with some amazing people doing amazing things. If you need to know about it, we’re on it!.

How it all began:

Sarah and Apryl have been in the television game for longer than they like to admit. They don’t feel like they’ve been working in the industry for 20 years. But it’s true. Both started working as reporters and videographers at Rogers TV in Barrie. They became fast friends, encouraging each other as they made career and life changes.

When children come along they wondered how could they do the job they loved but still be available to their kids? That’s how This Kinda Life was born, with a vision of bringing television elements to an online audience. They jumped with both feet in June 2016 and haven’t looked back.

Sarah Lajenesse

Sarah started her career as a videographer at Rogers TV in Barrie and quickly found success as a reporter at A Channel in Barrie. She then relocated to Vancouver for a few years before coming home and working at CityNews and Silverpoint Media.

Sarah would describe herself as a “crunchy mom,” you know the kind of mom who loves organic, uses cloth diapers and natural cleaners. With two daughters, her life is all things girly, and she wouldn’t have it any other way! Sarah loves her family time with Ellie and Abby, enjoying baking, skating and boating, or even crafts around the kitchen table, Sarah lives for this. Which is why she loves TKL, it allows her family time as well as doing the job she’s passionate about.

Apryl Munro headshot

Apryl Munro

Apryl started her career as a summer student at The New VR when she was 18. That’s a long time ago! She climbed the ladder at Rogers TV and then landed at Breakfast Television as Associate Producer. Professionally she achieved all her career dreams, but she missed her son, Cooper, while she worked long hours and commuted through the night.

She’s the kind of mom who likes family activities like biking on the trails by her home in Barrie or walking the waterfront. With This Kinda Life, she finally has the balance she’s been longing for. She’s able to help her son with homework and also stay in touch with her community. TKL offers the balance she longed for while also feeding her passion for learning and engaging with viewers.


So what now?

We always say, “sharing is caring,” and it’s so true. The best way you can show your support is to like, share and comment so others catch on. We love the area, and we tell stories from a female perspective. It’s a show for YOU! Chat with us too! We love to hear from you on social media or via email.

This Kinda Life will continue to focus on bringing you tips and tricks and introduce you to people in your city or town you may not have known. On top of that, we will continue to bring you laughs and let you know you’re not alone in the crazy lives we lead as women!

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