It’s been a few months since we installed the Advanced Clean 3.0 Spalet Bidet Seat from American Standard in our master bathroom and I thought I’d let you know how it worked out during the last few weeks of my pregnancy, and postpartum.

Bathroom Confession

When it comes to pregnancy, things down there can be less than fresh. If you’re already a mama, you know what I’m talking about! From the unbearable crotch sweat to tons of toilet troubles, like wetting your pants to not being able to properly wipe your derriere. Of course all this is just a warm-up for the real deal postpartum when those delicate lady bits will be healing and you’ll be coping with stitches and squirt bottles. That’s why I was beyond excited to try out the brand new Advanced Clean 3.0 SpaLet Bidet Seat from American Standard Canada . This seat takes personal hygiene to a new level, with adjustable temperatures and strengths, self cleaning nozzles as well as a heated seat. And believe me when I say it’s every pregnant person’s dream come true! Check out some of my favourite features in the video above. (Product supplied by American Standard Canada) Plus it fits right onto your existing toilet so you can upgrade your throne without being an actual queen. #partner

Posted by This Kinda Life on Monday, September 9, 2019

The bidet seat definitely makes it easier to stay fresh in your lady areas during those final months of being blimp like, sweaty and swollen. It’s kind of an unspoken secret between women who’ve been pregnant that wiping and staying cool in your crotch can be a full time job, especially if you’re pregnant during the summer! 

But what about after the baby? 

Well the seat was seriously a Godsend. I didn’t have to worry about forgetting the spray bottle, no stretching to try and wipe when everything was still swollen and puffy. I loved that I could adjust the intensity and temperature of the water spray so that it was a little bit more gentle against my stitches. I also had other issues like constipation that left me feeling less than fresh and using the SpaLet Bidet seat definitely helped ease that. 

Now that I’m a few months post – birth my cycle has returned I’m finding the SpaLet Bidet seat helpful for in between showers. I’m a fan of menstrual cups but the downside is that they aren’t always the cleanest way to manage your period. Now it’s not something I have to worry about! 

When we first got the seat I wasn’t sure if it was something that would become part of my regular washroom routine but as it turns out it has and I use it almost daily. 

Also now that it’s freezing outside, I’m loving the heated seat feature. Nothing beats a warm tushy in the morning!!



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