Our friends at Pratt Homes show us how they blended new and old designs to create an exquisite sales office, that’s more than just a show stopper…it’s winning them awards!

When you walk into the Pratt Homes Banting Square sales office in Alliston, you immediately see these rustic doors with Pratt’s logos on it, opening to a grand room that feels like an upscale throwback to a time long, long ago. Beyond those doors you see a massive heavy wooden table with iron chairs reminiscent of tractor seats, covered with sheepskin. The walls are barn board, there are brick columns, apple boxes arranged to make a shelving wall. It’s all rustic and incredibly warm.

Cynthia Grassing, the Sales Director for Pratt Homes, was challenged to create a sales office for the Banting Square condominium development on a very limited budget. While she’s used to designing model homes, her team jumped to the challenge of making a beautiful space in a smaller area and smaller budget. Finding desks and counters in old sheds, she polished them up and used them in the space. Even though many materials were recycled, the entire focus wasn’t on being thrifty, it was about paying homage to the history of Alliston, especially borrowing architecture from the Banting Homestead, the Gibson Centre and the Boyne Museum. Right down to the potato sacks used as accent pieces.

The sales office isn’t just the pride of the Pratt team, it’s getting the attention of a lot of others in the industry. They won an award for the best sales office design, plus they are nominated for a number of other awards. This proves it only takes a little bit of creativity, some reusable materials and a lot of heart to make a space look beautiful.

One of our favourite features is the barn beam lighting fixture Cynthia created with one trip to the local hardware store. Watch the video to learn how she made it and how you can too!

The Banting Square sales office is located in Alliston, across from Banting Memorial High School.

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