Is being on the go all the time really better for our kids? Apryl shares how her family spent a weekend on a busy detox this summer and loved it!

I’ve heard it over and over and over again: limit screen time. Keep kids active. Get outside and enjoy the day. Go! Go! Go!

Guess what? Sometimes kids, and let’s get real, adults too, really need to chill out.

Take for example our entire month of July. We had a cottage weekend, three weeks of summer camp, a  fabulous few days at Fern Resort, family bbq’s, pool days, concerts, Wonderland trips, movie days, outdoor movie nights, parties and family days on the water.

In a nutshell, we were hella busy.

While it was fun, Cooper said that entire final week of camp that he just wanted to stay home. Or that he just wanted to sleep in. He was drained.

Honestly, I was drained too.

So, for three glorious days we did what all the “experts” told us not to do and we stopped doing things. We went on a complete busy detox and watched hours of TV. We lounged on the couch and ordered take out, or just cooked grilled cheese sandwiches.

Cooper had his face in a device or in front of a TV for hours.  The horror!!!

We got outside for walks with the dog, or sat outside for a bit, but that was about it.

Guess what? He didn’t turn into a troll. He didn’t turn into a zombie.

He filled his cup.

His energy was back within a couple of days, and so was mine!

Busy isn’t always good, at least not in my house. We like a bit of chill in our world. It may not last long, but when we get it, we gobble it up.

When I put this on Instagram that we were going to stop making plans, so many of you agreed!

That makes me thing we all need schedule time when you don’t leave the house, or the couch, or for some of you….don’t change out of your pj’s. It’ll do the soul some good and you’ll feel your vibe reaching a zen-like pitch. Trust me, it feels good when you get there.

Get the groceries delivered. Skip the house cleaning for a bit. Don’t overthink dinners. One we had sausages and cut of veggies that were already cut up. We loved it!

Summer is so short and we often feel like we have to do everything to make sure we don’t waste a minute of that sunshine, but we can’t do that at the expense of our own wellness.

I was guilty of that too. Planning all the fun things so Cooper can think at the end of the season that he had an epic summer.

I wanted to fill his days with so much fun that I was forgetting that fun for him is just hanging around sometimes.

You know, my summers weren’t fill with epic stuff when I was a kid and I have some great memories.

I realized this year that kids don’t want summers crammed with things we think they’ll want to remember. They just want to be present and have fun on their own terms.

I think that’s a pretty great lesson for all adults to learn.

To quote Taylor Swift, We Need to Calm Down.



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