We often get asked a ton of questions. How did you meet? How did you get started? Which are great questions, but the one we loathe is “Do you Fight?” We’re going to answer all of those questions and more right now.

First off, we met in 2004 when Apryl trained Sarah as a new videographer at Rogers TV in Collingwood. Sarah was taking Apryl’s job as she moved to Barrie. In television, you often encounter a lot of competition, especially as new reporters. You’re on a never ending quest of getting the big scoop, the best interviews and the lead story. Apryl had been working in the position for three years, so competition was rampant, but when Sarah jumped on board, there was none of that. We just clicked! We leaned on each other.

We both come from different worlds, but our values were always the same. We met our husbands early in life and knew family was on the horizon. Like any modern woman, we wanted it all. We wanted to climb the ladder in our careers, have amazing relationships with our husbands and have families. We definitely bonded over that.

Years later, Sarah moved to the local tv station, A Channel (now CTV Barrie), a station that Apryl wanted to work at but never got a chance. Even though Apryl was envious, our friendship always remained solid. Truthfully, Sarah didn’t love that job and leaned on Apryl a lot through the trying times of working a high pressure job.

Then Sarah left for Vancouver, telling Apryl a few weeks later that she was pregnant! We were all shocked. If you knew fun-loving Sarah back then, you’d be surprised too. But honestly, she picked up motherhood in an awe-inspiring way and embraced it. She still does!

A year later, Apryl had Cooper, and it was another thing to bond over. The kids say they’re cousins.

In 2016 we started TKL. It was a crazy idea but we knew in our guts it was our path. Thank God we listened! We wanted to have time with our kids and husbands and not work all over the place. Sarah worked weekends at City TV, Apryl worked at Breakfast Television, so the hours were crazy. Suddenly we realized we loved our families more than we wanted to climb the corporate ladder.

It’s been an incredible 2.5 years. We balance each other out perfectly and push each other to do better and reach higher goals. When one person is having an off day, the other picks up the slack. We get each other and that’s probably because we’ve been friends for so long.

So, to the big, burning question: do we fight. The honest answer is NO.

Do we disagree? Absolutely. But those disagreements don’t last long. We both have had moments when we are bitchy, but really that’s when we’re tired or overwhelmed. We just talk it out. Talking about your feelings is key to a strong relationship.

Also, while we’re on the topic, please stop asking us that. We’re two women who are running a business. Two women who are best friends and love each other. If any of this came between our friendship, we’d fold it up. Nothing is worth losing someone you care about.

On another note, women need to cheer women on, not pit them against each other. If you want to know what our whole objective is, it’s that: empowerment and cheering on our team.

Hopefully that gives you some insight on who we are and what we do! We love TKL and interacting with you online. We hope you do too!


Sarah and Apryl


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