How a new mattress from Endy saved our sleep.

I didn’t need 100-nights to give you my verdict of the Endy mattress, I could have told you my thoughts after just a few nights. Because that’s all it took for my daughter to be sleeping through the night, every night, thanks to her new Endy mattress!

Abby and Hunter sleeping in the endy bed

For the past six years, we’ve been trying to get Abby to sleep in her bed through the night, with little to no success.

We’d tried everything. And I mean everything! From extra locks on our door to toys and candy incentives, sleep music and scents. You name it, we’d tried it, to help encourage her to sleep through the night. 

But she just wouldn’t stay in bed. 

Then we got her the Endy mattress and her entire attitude changed.

At first, I wondered if the results would wear off when the novelty of her new bed went away, but here we are 3.5 months later and she still absolutely loves sleeping!

The temperature neutral design helps keep her cool at night, which is key to getting uninterrupted, restorative rest. She also loves her super soft Endy pillows and likes to build a fort around herself for maximum comfort.

Instead of fighting us to go to sleep she asks if it’s bedtime and we even have to drag her out in the mornings!

Abby in her Endy bed, smiling

Of course, getting Abby to stay in her bed through the night was a major priority these past few months. I knew there was no way I could cope with a newborn waking up through the night and having to put her back in bed.

After trying so many other things, I hoped a new Endy mattress would be the thing that finally got her to stay in bed all night. 

And it worked! 

There’s no more fighting, no tears, and no pleading. She just gets into her new bed and it’s so comfortable that she doesn’t want to get out.

I can’t tell you what an absolute lifesaver this mattress has been. She’s finally getting the rest that she needs and is like an entirely new kid! In fact, she loves her new mattress so much, she spends most of her time hanging out on her bed. 

Now my only problem is getting her out!

Abby reading in her Endy Bed



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