Shellac manicures seem to be a standard for women these days. But when the One Face and Body Bar asked us to try the EVO Gel nail manicure, promising it to be better for the nails, we had to try it.

We went in with shellac on our nails which Addi had to try to take off gently. She used a nail polish remover that doesn’t contain acetone, and it took her a long time to take it off. That made us wonder, how bad is this shellac stuff for our nails?  We were curious.

After the usual manicure steps, which for Sarah included a broken nail that Addi successfully glued down, on went the colour. The steps are the same: base, colour, top. You still use the light between each step. So, nothing feels different from a shellac manicure. But we realized that’s not where you’ll see the difference. You’ll see it under all the polish.

EVO Gel Nails is oxygenating, so it allows your nail to breathe under the polish. Shellac is meant as a permanent polish,  and is used over acrylics too. Bio gel is a nail treatment that helps the nails to grow.  It’s thicker and lasts longer.

We put it to the test. We left, Sarah with a gorgeous red colour, Apryl with a neutral and we went to work.

We work with our hands all the time. We’re moms, so our fingers are into everything from kitchen sinks to clogged drains. In our daily jobs we are on camera, or filming a food show with close ups of our fingers. Our hands are on demand and we don’t have a lot of time to run to a salon and definitely don’t have time for chips in the polish.

What did we find? Well, the colour lasts. It didn’t chip, not once! It didn’t peel off either. The Gel Nails also last three weeks. Did you hear that?? THREE Weeks or longer!

We went back to get the colour changed and the process was so much faster this time. EVO Gel Nails just come off and when you look at your nail underneath, they look like your regular, healthy nails. No joke. It doesn’t need acetone to come off, which is why they use the mild remover.

So, we decided, this is a win for us. Our nails are healthier. The manicure lasts longer, so that saves us time and money! Sold!


Sarah and Apryl

*** This post was sponsored, but the opinions are our own ***

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