Happy Holidays! We are so excited to share with you our top picks in our first Gift Guide!

Gift Guide by This Kinda Life

This is our favourite time of year, when we get to spend time with family and friends, indulging in the sweets and spirits and watching all the corny Hallmark movies we can binge before December 25.

We also love giving gifts! We asked some of our friends if they would help us give something to you, as our way of saying thanks for being such awesome friends. In this newsletter you will get exclusive discount codes, coupons and we list some of our favourite items that we hope you’ll love too!

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For Mom

monday muse kimono by this kinda life

We live in these kimonos from Monday Muse. We have the winter ones, which are thicker, and the summer ones, which are sheer. Sarah wears hers as a cover up and Apryl with jeans and a tank.

These winter ones are perfect when you feel like you need a bit of warmth but don’t want to wear a big sweater. We LOVE them!

For Your Sister

Smash House Clothing by this kinda life

Our girl, Smash House Clothing, has some of our favourite winter staples. While wear the fun hoodies she sells pretty much all the time, we also love the other pieces she carries.

Her line of Molly Bracken sweaters will keep you cozy all winter long while also looking super stylish. We LOVE these sweaters!

For the Guys

Always Bearded

Our husbands love this stuff from Always Bearded Lifestyle.  Ladies, if your man has a scruff, or a full on beard, you need him to use this! The beard cream makes the facial hair soft and smell amazing. Our guys use it all the time, and we are so thankful they do!

For Your Neighbour

rebel Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Well, you have never tried Rebel Chocolates. We met the owner, Richard at a conference and we were addicted to his sweets! This is unlike anything you’ve tried before, plus it’s the kind of indulgence you can feel good about.  Each bar is crafted from the highest and most sustainable cocoa beans in the world. Rebel chocolates promotes direct trade, which helps countless cocoa bean farmers and their families.

For Your Mother-in-Law

Two Sisters Naturals have taken the world by storm and the women behind the brand are huge inspirations to us.  Within months of launching their business they had to quit their day jobs to keep up with demand.

Their natural skincare and cleaning products are handcrafted using the best ingredients, including essential oils! We use the products are our homes  too. They might make you LOVE cleaning!

For Your Pooch

If you’re a dog owner like we are, you know they come in from walks all wet, especially in the winter. Tynk Outdoor Dog Wear is the solution to that!  Belly Bibs keep your dog’s underside clean and dry from splash ups, mud, snowballs and more.  Oh, and they have leggings! Adorable!

For Your Tween

Glama Gals Tween Spa is a true favourite of ours. Everywhere you look in the spa there are inspirational quotes for the girls to remind them that they are amazing!  All-natural spa products are used to give your tween a full spa experience that is completely age appropriate.  Kids will go crazy for this gift.

For Your Toddler

This treat is great for your littlest little ones, and let’s be honest, for you as well! The kids can play and you can get a much needed break.

What we love about Treetops Playground is that they think about parents as well and have a fabulous lounge where you can chill out while your kids go bananas in the play area. Enjoy a hot drink and free WiFi too! Oh, and they do amazing birthday parties!

For the Whole Family

Family Games Night is a thing for so many of us. In truth, we wish it happened more often in our homes. Maybe with these fun games from Mattel we can bring it back! Some of our kids’ favourite games are Uno, Kerplunk and Pictionary.  Games are the perfect gift, if you ask us!

For the Teacher

Shiny Soul Creations makes beautiful crystal jewelry that aren’t just for show. If you wear these bracelets you will notice a shift in your health and well being. Crystals are known to have healing properties and help you manifest your intentions, and it doesn’t hurt that they are gorgeous to wear!

The teacher will love this!

For Your Boss

This is perfect for anyone you want to show a little holiday warmth to!  Cicco’s Ristorante is great for a date night, family nigh (seriously, try their pizza) or a girl’s night! Some of the best wine is served here and if you a big fan of Italian food like we are, this is will quickly become your go-to place.

We also believe that sending your boss to a restaurant that you love is way more personal than a bottle of wine!

For the Kids

What we love about Cakes by Design is that we can order anything there and they are 100% nut-free. Safe for kids parties or to take to school!

Jenn and her team do so much more than cakes. They make cookies, donuts and gingerbread!  What kid wouldn’t love this? Plus, we have to admit, these gingerbread men and houses look WAY better than anything we can make at home! Believe us, we’ve tried, and in true Sarah and Apryl style, we’ve failed. That’s why we run to Jenn for all our celebrations!

For Yourself

We have not been quiet about our love for spray tans at The Sun Emporium. They keep us bronzed for special events or just because! It’s a must during the winter. And, you can’t forget about you over the holidays!

We also love that The Sun Emporium has the Cocoon Wellness Pod and Red Light Therapy. We’ve tried both and can’t stop raving about that. You have to try it.  Plus, they have a membership program where you can pay a monthly rate and get access to all kinds of services at the salon.


We want to wish all of you the best wishes for the Holidays and hope you have an incredible 2019.


Sarah and Apryl

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