I remember the day I realized I was getting bigger. I was 21 and working in my first job in television. I remember touching my hips and wondering where the hell they came from.

I didn’t worry. I was young! I just thought I was filling out. I was always curvy. I had boobs since…..always! So, I accepted it.

But it didn’t stop. I kept having to buy bigger pants. That’s when I started to take control of it.

That was when I was 21. I’m now nearly 39 and I’m still trying to take control of it.

I have had success:  Before my wedding, before going away on a trip, before my sister’s wedding. But inevitably it always comes back. The weight, I mean.

I tend to give up easily.  I am really good, watching what I eat, working out and then something happens and I give up.  Or worse, I lose weight and the first thing I do is binge. Basically reversing my hard work.

And that’s the other thing, it’s hard work for me! I can gain weight so easily, but it takes a LOOOOONG time to come off.

Here’s what we’re working with: I’m 5’0″ with an hourglass figure, which is a nice way of saying I have a large chest and larger hips. It also means that 5 pounds on me looks like 10 or 15 on someone taller.

The struggle is real!!!

Here is the goal:  get to a size 6 or 4. I’m currently an 8 but a couple of years ago I was nearly a 14!!!  I’m not focusing on a scale number. Just a size.

So, with the help from our trainer Christina of Energy Balance, we workout twice a week with her doing a hardcore circuit workout or a HIIT workout.  We work hard during those sessions and I’m usually pouring in sweat.

I workout three times a week on my own and I use my stairs instead of a step. I am absolutely loving it.

I also realized that I will not do a workout on Friday. I prefer to do a Sunday to Thursday schedule. It’s working.  I don’t skip workouts anymore.

For food, that’s a big one! I love food and I don’t do well on a program that restricts me in any way. That’s why Weight Watchers has worked for me in the past.

This time, I didn’t pay for the program. I downloaded an app called iTrackBites and paid the $50 fee for the year. I’m so happy I did!!

I spend Sundays meal prepping and planning for the week. I do better with routine, so I’ll make a big batch of soup and eat that for lunch every day.

Plus smoothies.  OMG, smoothies are life! I usually do a green smoothie with cucumber, spinach, avocado, cashew milk and protein powder. It makes me feel like I’m getting all my greens in while it also tastes delicious.

So far, I’m down 5 pounds in a few weeks.  The first couple of weeks I went way over my points, but I’m getting the hang of it now and it seems to be working!

I’ll keep you updated.



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