We all want more ourselves: more happiness, more me time, more fun, more of those things that make us feel good. All of the things. What if we told you that you could have it all, and it’s as simple as saying Hell Yes, or Hell No? It’s true, and we’re putting it to the test.

Last year, if you look at our calendar, it was filled with some pretty awesome stuff. Shoots, networking, events, meetings, you name it. But there was something missing, and we recognized that right away. We had dinner together once in the entire year.

We had dinner with our friends only a handful of times the entire year.

There were some things we didn’t do: we didn’t do the spa days we had said we were going to do. We went some months without taking a day off. We stayed up too late, drank too much, ate too much, and pushed off the workout more than a few times.

We did more of what made us feel not so great than we did of the things that made us feel amazing

That’s why we decided 2019 was the year of Hell Yeah, or Hell No. This is how we’re doing it:

Hell Yeah:

Making Time for Friends and Family

We don’t want this year to go by without taking time to reconnect as friends as well as with our other friends and family. We want to laugh our butts off, talk about other things that aren’t work-related. We want to know about each other and the people in our lives on a deeper level.

So, we’re saying Hell Yeah to regular dinners with those people we love. In fact, Sarah’s taking off to Calgary to visit a friend  this month and Apryl is doing a girls’ ski night in the coming weeks. We know we’ll laugh, we’ll reconnect and have a blast.

Dating our Hubbies

This was a huge one in 2018, but the dates went from weekly to monthly to whenever we can fit it in. Book it in your calendar. Do something simple and even cheap if you have to. Just do it!

Say Hell No to watching TV on separate floors every night. Or to the feeling of being roommates instead of partners. You can change that by saying yes to time together.

Making Health a Priority

We were good, then we were bad, then good again….you know, the ongoing struggle most of have.  But we’re going to stop treating health and fitness like a chore and see it as something that makes us feel good. That’s a Hell Yeah!

Eating home cooked meals at home instead of take out, and meal prepping as a family. Save the treats for a special night. Because if you say Hell Yeah to health, you will feel amazing.

Find easy recipes to make on nights you’re too tired to cook. Or, buy an instant pot. That’s been good for us!

Family Time Over Work Time

We have made big strides in this department and we realize our kids are only going to be 7, 9 and 10 for the next year, and then we won’t have those kids anymore. They’ll be older. They may not want us to cuddle up in bed with them, or to watch their favourite Netflix show with them (even though we can’t stand it), or want us to tuck them in at bedtime.

We are spending more time with the kids by going skiing with them, taking trips with them to a place they help pick, or writing this blog while they play video games because they just like us being close to them. It’s the small things. It may mean we say no to a few opportunities so we don’t miss out on their lives, but that’s what we’re willing to do.

Self Care and Self Love

It took us a long time to love ourselves and we’re not stopping now! We need to listen to our bodies and mind and rest when we need to. We need to take that bath if that means the 20 minute break is going to make us feel awesome.

It also means working on us. Consistently reaching for more and wanting to be better people. Meditation, a regular weekly show to watch, or even just a regular bedtime, that’s all super important.

Hell No:

Other People’s Opinions

It’s a hard Hell No. If we didn’t ask for it, we don’t want to hear it. Here’s the thing: no one is walking our path or knows our dreams like we do. No one is as invested in our hopes and dreams as we are. If someone doesn’t get it, that’s cool. Just keep your opinion to yourself.

Same thing goes for you. YOU are the star and director of your show. No one gets to tell you how to play the role. You were born to play it! Opinions that state the opposite should not be entertained.

Unless it’s a positive opinion, then we definitely want to hear that!


You see us talk about drinking all the time, but we’re going to be real with you:  we actually don’t drink that much!  To get us tipsy, that only takes a couple of drinks. To get us drunk, that only takes a couple more, and then we feel like garbage, we don’t sleep and we are terrible parents the next day. Not to mention drinking ages you!! Trust us, the bags come out of hiding!

We will still enjoy a few cocktails, but we’ll stop when we’re feeling the buzz.

Other People’s Drama

Hey, we’re here for you as a friend, and we’ll be your shoulder to cry on, but what we’re saying Hell No to is getting involved in the drama. We will offer advice if you ask, we will hug you if you need it, but don’t ask us to take sides or jump in on the conversation if it’s unkind or gossipy. We will struggle with this one, trust us, but we are promising that we will try hard to say no.

What are you going to say Hell Yeah to?

Have a look at your calendar as a starting point and ask yourself if you spent more of the past year doing things that didn’t make you feel good, or the opposite? We know there may be months that are busier than others, but we promise if you book in regular dinners with your girlfriends or regular dates with hubby, you won’t miss those important times, and the fun will make you feel sane during the crazy months.

Also, make sure you have time for yourself, the most important relationship of all.


Sarah and Apryl

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