The Holidays can be hard for people like me. With anxiety, exhaustion and more. But this year, I’m getting ahead of it. Here’s how:

Every year around the holidays I get a little strange. I’m always full-on for the entire month, having fun, doing all the parties, all the fun.

It’s also the busiest time for us in business.

So, picture it: all the holiday busy, all the work busy, all the family busy, and all the while I’m trying to stay on top of my health journey. All of this is done with all my energy.

Then after Christmas I crash. Hard.

Apryl and her son sitting on the front step

I’m full of anxiety. I’m exhausted. I want to overeat and lay in bed. I’m like this for days.

I shut myself out. What’s worse, I tend to be a little down on myself.

Until this year. This year I’m very, very aware of what causes this. With help from our friend, the Blue Mountain Medium, Beverly Frosch, and the amazing gift in our lives, Christina from Energy Balance, I’m better equipped to handle the final weeks of the year.

Here’s how I’m handling this, and I hope it helps you too.

Finding the Positive Energy

I never understood how you could just fill yourself up with positive vibes, until I met Beverly. Now I have a list of things that make me feel happy and resorting to that when I feel your energy going south.

I have a Spotify playlist called Hype mix and it’s loaded with songs that just make you smile. I put this on when I’m feeling the self-deprecating thoughts creep in. Or when I’m feeling negative or weighed down.

Trust me, when Salt n’ Peppa comes on, you can’t help but dance.

I also only watch TV or movies that are positive. There’s no true crime in my house!

Also, when can start feeling low, I make plans with my best friends. We grab dinner, or breakfast and just talk! These ladies are the most positive, upbeat people I’ve ever met.

Do what fills you up. Do it a lot this Holiday Season.

Work Out

Christina says this to me all the time when I tell her I’m drained, or tired or just not myself: “you’ll feel better after the workout.”

I thought she was crazy, but she’s right.

Apryl working out

Doing a 20-minute workout makes me feel like I shook the heavy, negative monkey off my back. It generates more energy for me.

When I feel like I just want to curl into bed, I am really trying to hit the road, the treadmill or the workout room instead to see if that helps first. Usually it does!

Healthy Eats and Drinks

It’s super hard this time of year but try to eat the treats and drink the drinks in moderation.

I’ve changed the way I think of food these days. When I’m feeling tired, or exhausted, that’s when I tend to run to fast food because I think its what I need and will make me feel better.

Apryl with coffee in her home

Now that I know my body, I recognize that feeling and it’s a trigger to tell me I’m low on vitamins. So, I grab a green juice, slam that back and wait a few minutes. I usually feel instantly better, more alert and ready to take on the world.

If I continue to indulge in sweets, junk food and alcohol, I always feel worse.

The key is moderation and packing in more greens to crowd out the indulgences.


I am so strict with my bedtime. I’m in bed by 9:30 and I’m asleep by 10 or 10:30.

I get made fun of for it. I’m usually the first one to leave a party.

Apryl and her dog in bed

Years ago, I was told that you should go to bed at the same time every day because your body has a hard time adjusting to late nights a few times a week if you’re an early riser the rest of the week. It’s easier on you to stay firm on bedtime.

I believe it.

Sleep is so important, and it helps you handle the stress of the holidays.

Set Boundaries

We tend to take on a lot this time of year. From family commitments to work commitments, we are constantly on the go.

I feel like all of this go-go-go contributes to my crash after the holidays.

This year we’re not overdoing it. We pick and choose what we do, where we go and what we promise to deliver.

We are using our calendars to our benefit and blocking time to finish work, so it doesn’t impede on family time.

Most importantly, we’re recognizing working hours. We used to work around the clock, but now we clock in and clock out, being aware the balance between work and family.

No Procrastination

I am the Queen of Procrastination.

If I could leave something for the next day, I would. And I did. A lot.

The problem is, when you do that, the stuff just piles on.

Now I write down the top three to five things I want to finish each day and I finish them.

This has been huge for me and I believe this has greatly reduced my anxiety and overwhelm.

Procrastination can be with anything, not just work related.

Just get it done is my new motto and it’s been the best thing ever.

Brain Break Days

These are my favourite.

What are Brain Break Days?  Days when you don’t make decisions. You go with flow.

Apryl and Sarah sitting in a coffee shop in Barrie

We go out for lunch, try a new restaurant, watch a movie as a family with a big snack. We grab a bunch of new cheeses and try a new beer.

Basically, we flow through the day with ease. No rush. No hustle. No work.

It takes practice, but when you do this for a few months, you’ll notice a difference in your energy. You’ll feel so neutral and mellow and want to just sit in that feeling for a while.

So far, I’m feeling like I’m going to get through the last part of 2019 on offence, instead of defence. If I stay the course, I’m hoping I’ll be full of energy and positivity at the end of the holidays and ready to take on the new decade!

Happy Holidays!



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