Do you feel like you can’t get it together in the morning before school? Do your kids go to class bed head? Ours do!! We’re lucky if we get a hairbrush through their hair before running out the door.

Thankfully, we have some tips for you courtesy of our hair guru, Vanessa Vitali of Studio V Beauty.  She showed us three looks that took less than five minutes each!

First up, Abby with a waterfall ponytail look. Super cute, super popular and super easy.

Vanessa started with a zigzag part, and on Abby’s left side she pulled small square pieces and combed it out. Then she added small elastic make a tiny ponytail. Then you make a second ponytail beside it, pulling half of the first ponytail with it. Continue until you’ve reached the back.

Then she made a side ponytail, did a flip and Abby was done. So adorable for kids her age.

waterfall ponytail by this kinda life

Next up was Ellie, a pre-teen who’s on top of trends. Vanessa knew Space Buns would be perfect for her.

Start off with the part in the centre, and pull small squares back to form dutch braids. Dutch braids are basically upside down french braids, so instead of pulling the hair pieces over, you’ll be pulling them under.

When you finish the braids, secure with a small elastic. Then grab the hair that’s left at the end of the braid and twist into two small buns on the top of the head. Super cute!!

space buns by This Kinda Life

For boys, they all have the same haircuts and they’re so rough and tumble it’s difficult to keep their styles in check all day. So, Vanessa uses a texturizing powder to add lift and shape to her son, Seth’s hair. When you have it looking the way you want, add a bit of wax or pomade and it should be good to go.  This is a great tip for picture day when they have their photos later in the day!

boys hair tutorial by This Kinda Life

Love the looks, watch the video to see how she did it!

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