As moms it’s pretty hard to turn our brains off. We’re thinking about our endless to-do lists, wondering what to make for dinner and if the bills are paid.

In recent years we’ve heard of the increase popularity of meditation. Celebrities like Kate Hudson talk about their meditation time, some news anchors even wrote books about their journey into this. Science is even behind the benefits of taking some quiet time for yourself, touting it’s powers to make your body and mind more healthy and helping you be more present in your daily activities.

Finding a few minutes alone is easier said than done when you are a busy mom. Everyone needs something from you! Cat O’Connor of Nourish Yoga in Orillia gave us some helpful tips on meditation. The biggest tip: let those thoughts enter your mind, acknowledge them and then send them away.

After the short meditation we felt more relaxed and pretty happy, to be honest. It’s something we definitely want to try to continue in our daily lives.

Apryl and Sarah learn how to meditate at a yoga studio in Orillia

Learning how to Meditate

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