Use our list of ideas to keep your kids occupied while at home during this extended March Break

With so many cancellations and closures due to Covid-19, parents have been left scrambling to find ways to entertain and take care of their kids over the next few weeks.

We’re in the same boat as we try to juggle working and taking care of our kids. So, we turned to our online community for ideas, and wow, did you guys deliver!

Below is a list of our favourite suggestions of ways to keep kids busy and happy while we avoid overly crowded spaces. Plus, use our free March Break Schedule printable to set up your own weekly schedule.

At-home Fun Ideas: 

  • Board games – have family game day where you play different games together
  • Teach your kids how to make their favourite meal! This is a great time to teach kids cooking and baking basics. 
  • Tackle household projects together. Refinish a piece of furniture or redesign or move around their  bedrooms
  • Arts & Crafts – use Pinterest from inspiration of some different types of crafts that your kids haven’t tried before
  • Have your kids help with spring cleaning! Teach them how to clean a washroom, wash the windows or declutter their toybox. 
  • Have your children write and rehearse a play that they can perform for you that evening
  • Create a video with your kids, researching how to edit so that they can learn a new skill
  • Science experiments aren’t just for educational purposes, they’re also fun! Use Pinterest to help you find a fun and easy experiment to try at home

Homeschooling Ideas: 

  • Encourage your kids to read a book and offer their review online, on YouTube or in person 
  • Genius Hour – research a topic and have your children create a slideshow presentation or speech on the topic of their choosing 
  • Give your children a topic and ask them to create a series of short stories. You could even turn them into a book! 
  • Gratitude Journals are a great way to help your kids reflect on all the blessings in their lives 
  • Try this resource for free  online educational subscriptions:
  • Check out these virtual tours from Museums around the world
  • Prodigy is a great for kids to practice math and have fun


  • Go for trail walks or explore different neighbourhoods 
  • Start your spring yard work early by cleaning up your yard
  • Pick up trash from a local park or green space
  • Plan and plant a veggie garden (once it warms up)

In the Community (these are places where you can maintain a social distance and we know they are taking all the safety precautions, but still call ahead to confirm they are open): 

We believe that creating a bit of a schedule and routine for our kids will help them remain calm during this difficult time and we hope these suggestions help you and your family.

Have your own great ideas? Tell us what you’re doing with your crew! 


Sarah and Apryl


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