Whether you are in a committed relationship, or married like us, when you start the process of co-habitation, it comes with some challenges. Or maybe surprises is the right word.

Growing up, you NEVER knew your parents probably went through the same sort of stuff. The stuff that is embarrassing. The stuff you NEVER thought you’d do, or witness.

Take for example, the bathroom. Sure, we’ve all had our share of being walked in on while sitting on the toilet, but what about walking in on your husband wiping his ass, standing up, facing the wall. It’s weird, right?

While we’re talking about the bathroom, no on told us we’d be having discussions about our calendars or finances while your partner is on the toilet, having a poop! Why didn’t anyone tell us?

For the really embarrassing stuff…..how many of you have walked in on your partner masturbating? Show of hands?

Don’t get us wrong, we love our lives, we just wish someone told us it wouldn’t be like the fairytales. We are not carried over the threshold to an idyllic life of a doting man, gorgeous well behaved kids and vacations in Europe. It’s so much more than that.

It’s gritty. It’s messy. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sure, the arguments are different than when you were dating. There’s more competition, but this time you’re competing with each other over who got less sleep, or who did more around the house.

Oh, and the house plays a huge role in your sex life. Choreplay takes over for foreplay. Want to get it on? Clean the kitchen first.

Yeah, no one tells you that the romance isn’t the same.

A crazy date night on the town is now getting the good bottle of wine and binge watching Netflix.

If we are being really honest with ourselves, we like it that way.

We like that it’s easier to be with our partners now than it was when we first started dating. They love our bodies, war wounds and all. We can dress in our most disgusting, ripped sweats, and they still think we’re sexy.

We’ve been to the edge and back in our relationships and it feels good. It’s comfortable.

But to make sure we don’t get too comfortable, they do something that surprises you, like pooping with the door open.

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