Moms carry the world on their shoulders, so it’s no surprise that so many of us are suffering from sore backs, shoulders and hips.

Take for example a new mom. She carries a baby all day long, and the most comfortable position is by pushing out her hip. The problem with that is it creates strain and then, of course, triggers a sore back.

Josh Carty, Registered Physiotherapist at Impact Healthcare tells us to keep switching sides and try hard not to jut out that hip.

For the rest of us, our habits and daily lives contribute the achy feeling. From laptop work, to phones and even driving, the way we position our necks is causing strain and discomfort.

Josh recommends setting reminders for yourself at work. Write “sit up straight” on a post it note on your screen. Or keep your laptop on a table and force yourself to stand and work.

While driving, position the mirror so it forces you to sit up straight.

Hold your phone higher if you’re looking at it and if you’re watching tv in bed, (we’re both soooooo guilty of that), adjust your pillows so you are sitting up, rather than laying down.

These are all bad habits to get out of it, but in time it will get easier. Josh also recommends a series of exercises to help.

For a downloadable version, click here: Exercises for Posture

We are doing these exercises at home and working on improving our posture to relieve the headaches, the backaches and everything that comes with being a busy mom.


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