For six years Midland has been home to the biggest butter tart festival in Ontario. We had no idea just how dedicated people were to this sweet treat until we arrived on festival day and saw the entire main street blocked off and the throngs of people walking from tent to tent. There were butter tarts for blocks!

Right smack dab in the middle we saw this massive line up and had to ask the group what they were lining up for. Well, it was butter tarts from Sioux St. Marie! They carry all different flavours from skor to creme brule, and of course, people waited for over an hour to get their hands on them.

The people obviously knew the good stuff, but there were professional judges who weighed in as well. There we met the Baker Sisters of the popular Food Network show who detailed just how tough it is to get the perfect Butter Tart. It’s the pastry, the filling, the right amount of gooeyness. My goodness, this was hard work.

Back outside on the main street of Midland we found butter tart themes in everything, from butter tart pizza to butter tart cupcakes. Our kids were in Heaven, and us as parents dealt with the sugar rush on the way home.

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