Sex as we get older definitely changes. Gone are the days of swiping everything off the table and getting down all over the place. Children, no matter if they’re younger or older, they can be pretty big blockers in the romance department. However, there are ways to keep the flame burning, it just takes a little bit of effort and a whole lot of rules.

For us, the biggest rule is to observe that window of opportunity. We’ve been caring for people all day, and we’re tired! So if you want to get with it, you have to do it when the kids are asleep and we’re still awake. For some, that’s between 9 and 10 at night. That’s it!

Don’t try to put us into positions that could break a bone or pull a muscle. Our legs don’t reach that far anymore!

Personal hygiene isn’t as important as it once was. If we’ve shaved…..that’s just a bonus for you.

For the love of God, ensure you have safeguarded your room against any of your children hearing you or seeing you going at it. This means you double lock the door, you hide your face in the pillow, you get it over with quickly and as quietly as possible.

If you get it on with your partner a couple of times a month, we would say you have a healthy sex life.

Foreplay? An ass grab or a few kisses and that’s about it. Getting undressed is your responsibility now.

That all being said, it is still good and can be romantic in it’s own special way. Gone are the days of the reckless abandon that was our 20’s, but we’ve matured into a much more loving routine. And we still hold on to hope that when the kids are gone, we’ll be back at it again. However, shaving the legs on a regular basis won’t be part of that. We promise you.

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