Easter Activities and ways to have a happy Easter, despite the Covid-19 Pandemic

Celebrating Easter is taking a back seat to Covid-19 this year, with inability to be with friends and family, food and supply shortages and instructions to stay home as much as possible. So we’ve put together some easy ways to still get in the spirit, while staying safe!

Decor And More 

It’s hard to get into the spirit of celebrating when there’s so much anxiety and stress in the world right now. But pulling out your Easter decor may help brighten your spirits and your kids’. Let them take charge of where to put some things (it’s not like anyone else is going to see it anyhow) and make it a fun afternoon! 

We’re still setting our tables for family feasts even though we’ll be eating without our extended families this year. Some of our friends celebrating Passover this week set up a laptop on their dining room tables, so they could all feast together virtually. 

Easter Eggs

Eggs are hard to come by right now, so buying a dozen or two to decorate may not be possible. Instead consider having your kids colour some Easter egg printables to put around the house, or grab these paintable eggs from the Dollar Store if you’re already needing to stop there. 

Easter Baking

Easter baking is a tradition for a lot of families but again it’s hard to find some ingredients right now. We’re using what we’ve got and turning anything into an Easter treat. Peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies, bread…you name. Add some Easter decorations or a plate and your set. 

These are trying times to say the least but focusing on something besides Coronavirus and finding a way to still celebrate Easter may be the distraction you need. Try focusing on the meaning of Easter, on rebirth and new beginnings and what that might mean for you and your family once the stay home order is lifted. 



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