Busy is Not a State of Being, It’s an Excuse

We get it. We’re all trying to squeeze as much into our day as we can. We’ve only got one life to live and we are going to crush it! You’re busy taking care of the kids, working, doing chores, commuting, driving the kids around, seeing your family, spending time with your husband and trying to fit a social life in there somewhere.

But, you need to stop making excuses for why you didn’t get stuff done. If you honestly couldn’t get things done, don’t sweat it! 

First of all it comes down to choices because we can’t do it all…no matter how hard we try.

Sarah and Apryl drinking coffee in Barrie

What are your priorities for that day? Is it to make sure your home is clean and that your family eats a homemade meal? Or are you going to prioritize working out and spending quality time with your husband? There’s no right or wrong here, we’re just saying that you need to focus on a few tasks that you can accomplish each day and not stress about fitting in the rest.

Here’s a tip that works for us:  write down the top three things you want to accomplish at the beginning of the day and make sure it’s on a separate list than your longer to-do list. This will make it feel like that list is more manageable.

Secondly, we all need to stop taking on too many commitments! The trick to not running out of time is to realize you can only do so much in a day. And by not taking on too many things, you stop letting people down! This sounds so much easier than it is but with practice it’s something you’ll be more comfortable doing.

Learn to say no. Don’t feel guilty if you just can’t make something. Nothing is more important than having balance!

Sarah and Apryl walking in Barrie by the water

Make it part of your schedule and stick to it. You want to make fitness a priority? Add it to your calendar every day with an alarm and don’t let yourself miss it. Make a standing workout date with a friend so that you can’t cancel last minute or better yet get a trainer ( like we did ) to hold you accountable. Every Tuesday and Thursday we have it in our calendars to workout with Christina and we do our best never to cancel. When it’s in your calendar you tend to organize things around it, making it an unmoveable appointment.

Too often we hear about people who are struggling to stay on top of things. They’re late for appointments, let down their kids or do other hurtful things, albeit unwittingly, because they ‘ran out of time’. The thing is we all have the EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF TIME! It’s up to you to use it the way you say you’re going to and to give yourself enough time to get through your day without unnecessary stress.

You have as many hours a day as BeyonceAudit your day too. See how many hours a day are you watching TV or zoning out on social media or just doing things that are blocking you from reaching your goals, or worse, stressing you out.  How many hours in a week are you doing things that just don’t fill your cup? Audit every hour of your day and see where you can fit in the things you are hoping for. Are you watching Netflix between 7 and 10pm each night? Pencil in a workout! Or make a regular date night. Do more of what you want to do. Things that will make you feel happy and not busy.

Our best advice, no matter how busy you are, don’t make that an excuse. When someone asks you, “how are you?” don’t say, “I’m busy.” Being busy is a distraction, an excuse, and we want so much more for you. Fill your cup with what makes you happy, and stop giving “busy” all the credit for your life. You’re worth more than that!


Sarah and Apryl

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