Vanessa Vitali is a master with hair, and she puts a lot of emphasis on the health of your locks. If you don’t have healthy hair, the style you’re trying to get just won’t be acheived.

Vanessa starts with a relaxing scalp massage using essential oils. The aromatherapy works its way into your scalp and your senses, making you calm and relaxed.

Next, Vanessa takes a look at your hair. For Apryl, she has fine hair that falls flat in the humidity, however, she also has dry parts. Complicated, right? Well, Vanessa has a solution.  For her blonde hair she recommends using a purple shampoo once a week to get rid of the brassy tones.  Then, the secret weapon, a hair mask.  Vanessa uses Wella Hair Mask, and squeezes out the moisture in the hair before applying a small amount to the ends.  Then she uses a wet brush and brushes from root to tip to move the product around the hair.  Leave this on for about five to seven minutes.

That’s it for the prep work, and we’ll be sharing step two soon!

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