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What is Balayage?

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a mystery to us. A beautiful, trendy, cooler than you distant relative mystery. 

But we quickly found out it doesn’t have to be this thing we are afraid of, thanks to our friends at Charisma Hair Studio.

Jill told us pretty much anyone can pull this look off but you have to be patient. It takes months to achieve the look, and hours in the hair salon, but the maintenance is pretty low.

Spring Make-up and Skin Care with Shoppers Drug Mart

Spring Make-up and Skin Care with Shoppers Drug Mart

It's Spring! Finally! That means you can leave your parka and winter skin care behind! Kim Andrews, Cosmetics Manager at Shoppers Drug Mart at Big Bay Point in Barrie (and a personal friend a expert who's saved our butts a few times in a beauty crisis), was on our...

The 5 Minute Face

The 5 Minute Face Take 5 minutes out of your morning, whether it's Christmas morning or any chaotic morning, and we promise you'll look great! Vanessa Vitali of Studio V Beauty, our go-to for anything beauty, did Sarah's make up so quickly, using what she...

The Manicure That’s Better Than Shellac

The Manicure That’s Better Than Shellac Shellac manicures seem to be a standard for women these days. But when the One Face and Body Bar asked us to try the EVO Gel nail manicure, promising it to be better for the nails, we had to try it. We went in with shellac on our nails...

Benefits of Mineral Make-Up

Benefits of Mineral Make-Up Watch the video to see our experience with mineral makeup, and why there are benefits to using it.  

Hairstyles for Back to School

Hairstyles for Back to School Do you feel like you can't get it together in the morning before school? Do your kids go to class bed head? Ours do!! We're lucky if we get a hairbrush through their hair before running out the door. Thankfully, we have some...

The Blow Out: Step 2

The Blow Out: Step 2 Vanessa of Studio V Beauty is back with step two of the perfect blow out. Her tip are pretty amazing. First, start with a leave in conditioner. She believes so strongly that healthy hair makes great hair, and the conditioner...

The Blow Out: Step 2

The Blow Out: Part One Vanessa Vitali is a master with hair, and she puts a lot of emphasis on the health of your locks. If you don't have healthy hair, the style you're trying to get just won't be acheived. Vanessa starts with a relaxing scalp...

Moms Day Spa

Moms Day Spa The One Face and Body Bar has something for everyone, but what they offer to moms is an absolute dream! We treated one of our TKL Moms to a Wrap and Nap treatment, which has her lathered in a blueberry scrub, wrapped in...

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