How I Announced my Pregnancy

How I Announced my Pregnancy This was a hard secret to keep from you guys. Trust us! We are open books, and holding this in was HARD! Before we told all of you that Sarah was expecting her third baby (due in September) she told a few close to her, and...

If It’s Not a Hell Yeah, it’s a Hell No

If It’s Not a Hell Yeah, it’s a Hell No We all want more ourselves: more happiness, more me time, more fun, more of those things that make us feel good. All of the things. What if we told you that you could have it all, and it's as simple as saying Hell Yes, or...

What No One Tells You About Marriage

What No One Tells You About Marriage

Whether you are in a committed relationship, or married like us, when you start the process of co-habitation, it comes with some challenges. Or maybe surprises is the right word.

Why School Photos Need to Stop

Why School Photos Need to Stop Seriously, do you have one photo of you from back in the day that you actually liked? We say, stop traumatizing the kids and do away with the school photo day!

Dads Have Their Say

Dads Have Their Say Well, it's no secret that we dish on our men a lot. Like, A LOT! We gave them a chance to have their say!

Sex as You Age:  The Chat

Sex as You Age: The Chat Sex as we get older definitely changes. Gone are the days of swiping everything off the table and getting down all over the place. Children, no matter if they're younger or older, they can be pretty big blockers in the romance department....

The Perks of Pregnancy

The Perks of Pregnancy Sure, you are bloated, you waddle, your ankles are puffy.....but there are some great things about pregnancy! We list the many things in our latest Fresh Mom's Club video with 93.1 Fresh Radio.

Snow Day Moms

Snow Day Moms Snow days are pretty much guaranteed if you live in Canada in the winter. But while the kids love it, bus cancellations don't always bring out the best in moms. Fresh Mom's Club with TKL present: Snow Day Moms.

Moms Who Swear

Moms Who Swear We are so excited to be hosting the 93.1 Fresh Radio Mom's Club! Here's the first segment, a little chat about the fine art of swearing in front of your kids

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