Work With TKL - Sarah Lajeunesse and Apryl Munro


Because we are awesome!
And because we really want to work with you!

Here’s the thing though….

We do not believe in advertising and sales pitches. People do not want to be sold. They want to be informed. Our audience craves humour, fun and excitement. They ask us questions and we find the answers. They live vicariously through us, and if they enjoy themselves, they may follow in our footsteps. Really! They do! (We know this because they tell us all the time! )

We show them the sides of Simcoe County that they are too busy to see. The places to eat, things go do and people to know. Honestly… there is a lot going on in this neck of the woods!

We have created a following of women, mothers, wives, and warriors juggling life in all their glory. We are honoured that they give us a bit of their extra time at the end of the day. Valuable time! The last thing we want to do is put an ad in front of them. The minute our audience gets the feeling that all we do is sell products they will stop following us!

Our content needs to remain relevant to our audience and we need to deliver quality content. Fun content! Keep in mind, our audience has certain expectations on what we bring them. We also have hard data that guides us in our decisions on what we do based on what our followers want. You can’t dispute a couple hundred “VIEWS” vrs. a couple thousand “VIEWS”

Of course, all of this costs us money! We have wages, equipment, marketing, and gas, etc. And we need to have money coming in to sustain This Kinda Life. (See what we did there?) Also, did we mention the gas? (we drive a lot).

So, how exactly can you benefit from our non-sales approach?

Good question! We have a few thoughts…

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Work with us to develop a strategy to feature and promote your product or brand through sponsored videos, blogs, reviews or static posts. We truly believe in the brands we partner with, and if yours is a good fit, we’d love to share that with our community.

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Do you have an event in our community that could use a little publicity? TKL can be there along with a few thousand of their closest friends on Facebook and Instagram. Have an awesome product or service you want us to review? We will do a Facebook LIVE video to talk it up to our audience. Excitement is contagious!

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We have questions and you have answers! The TKL team (and community of social media followers) needs your advice! We need some honest, trustworthy knowledge — not a sales pitch. Share what you know, and people will put 2 and 2 together and want to come back to you.

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We are always up for new collaborative ways to widen our TKL audience and bring them exciting content. If you have an idea for TKL, just let us know. Worst case scenario, your video or product doesn’t fit our TKL approach and audience, but we can still help produce amazing content for your YouTube, Facebook, website, etc. to build your own fan base. We love the spotlight and don’t shy away from the camera much!

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