2018 was truly an amazing year, but we know how we are going to own 2019. Here’s our list of the shit we’re not taking into the new year.

Here we are, the first weekend of a fresh, shiny new year. Sure, every January 1st we say, “new year, new me”, which is awesome! Because, we are constantly working on being better, so why not set a goal?

Why not try to be a better version of yourself?

We did that in 2018, and we are so proud of who we are becoming, and can’t wait to see that continue into the new year. To achieve that, here’s what we’re leaving behind.

Bad Friends

2018 was the year that we really changed and worked on improving ourselves. Transforming yourself is often going to be uncomfortable for some people.

We are so proud of the women we became. We are confident, positive people who love our friends and family. Some of them couldn’t handle the changes and we sadly had to see them go.

Here’s the thing: it’s going to be hard. It’s going to hurt. But it only lasts a minute. On the other side of that is a world where you belong!

We raise our glasses to the friends we had to say so long to. You helped shape us to be the people we are today.

Maybe we were the ones who were bad friends. That’s true in some cases. But in 2019 we are not going to be, because we’re leaving that part of us in the past.

Being Put Last

We are working on our health. From fitness to nutrition to self care. This is the year we are putting ourselves first. Not in a selfish way, but in a way that will make us the kind of women we are proud of, and if our families are proud of us, that’s amazing.

Women, we need to come first.

Remember in an airplane, the mom must put the mask on first if the plane is going down? We need to be healthy if we are going to be taking care of the little ones in our lives.

We make promises to ourselves on New Year’s Eve to make healthy choices, go to the gym, etc. But what if we said that was your hour a day or more of time just for you.  Don’t feel guilty about working on you and putting yourself ahead of your family for just a little part of each day.

It’s ok to be first sometimes.

Bad Relationship with Food

We give up often when it comes to nutrition and that is going to change in 2019. It doesn’t mean that we’re giving up pizza. No, that won’t happen.

It means that we aren’t going to beat ourselves up over it. We are going to stop treating food like a bad ex boyfriend. One that makes us feel good for a second and bad the next. We want to fill ourselves up with food that always makes us feel good.

It’s about changing the relationship with food. Not denying ourselves a good tryst once in a while.

People Pleasing Attitudes

How many of you have had strips taken off you by a friend or family member and never said anything back?

We have. A lot. But not in 2019. It’s not going to happen.

We know ourselves a lot better now, and that’s so amazing! However, it also means that we will not stand for anyone wanting to take us down a few notches. Go talk to someone else, because we are not listening.

This is something we are passionate about.

We want people to be happy, absolutely. But not at the cost of our own happiness. We found our voices in 2018 and we are ready to use them!

We hope you use your voice this year too. It’s pretty freeing to let it out of your system and not hide behind this fear of what people will think if you say what you really feel.

Being Scared

In 2018, we pushed ourselves to do things that scared us. Traveling alone with kids in another country. Writing about our biggest failures. Extending olive branches to people we’ve had conflict in the past. Apologizing for our mistakes. There’s no shortage of these things!

Heading into 2019 we feel like there’s been a karmic cleanse on us because of what we did in the past year. We ran head first into this year, ready, like warriors.

Our skin is thicker. Our heads are clearer. We own who we are, and we have never been more proud.

Our Tired Selves

We are so tired of being tired. But when we practice self love, family love and quality time with our families, or doing things we want to do and not out of obligation, we are filled up with energy.

We will get more sleep, take our vitamins, drink our water and rest our bodies when we need to.

We will also surround ourselves with positive people who keep our energy up.


Live and let live.

We have had it up our ears with judgement. Everyone has an opinion or a belief that their way is the right way. Or that the mom at the park is ignoring her kid while she’s on her phone, instead of maybe wondering if she’s doing double duty: working and parenting. There are endless examples.

We’ve been told to our faces that we are screwing up our kids. Actually, we’ve been told worse too.

Here’s the thing: we’re doing the absolute best we can. Let’s support moms in our community and leave judgement behind.

Sarah and Apryl drinking coffee in Barrie

The Old Us

Do you know how many times we talk badly about ourselves, or how we over analyze posts and videos, thinking we totally bombed it?

This year we’re going all in. We aren’t worried about what the world will think. We lead by our guts. If it feels good, then it’s good. That’s the only way we will work.

We are working on confidence in 2019, and on being kinder to ourselves.

What kind of shit are you leaving being in 2018?

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