You may have seen this commercial, Dairy Done Right – The Letter (if not you can watch it here  It’s a touching spot about the values parents strive to teach their kids, and it made me think about all of the important lessons I want to pass onto my new baby. It made me really consider all of the things we value in our family and how different it will be to teach them to a son this time around.  

So here it is, my deepest thoughts and wishes for this new life that is soon to arrive, jotted down in a letter that I hope he will one day get the chance to read.

Sarah holding a onesie on her pregnant belly

Dear Baby Boy,

As we get ready to welcome you into our family, I’m overwhelmed by the things I want for you. The many hopes I already have about the things you will accomplish in your life and about the type of person I dream you’ll one day become.

For so long, we’ve been a family of four, with just your two oldest sisters keeping us busy. And now as we get ready for you to join us, it’s making me consider things I haven’t had to think about before.

Sarah folding baby clothes

Of how it will be different for you, growing up in this day and age, from a boy into a man. Completely different than my own experiences growing up.

As a mom of girls up until now, there are a lot of things that worry me. Many are things that only apply to your sisters as they become women. But, now also I’m worried about much different things as I consider what you’ll face growing up into a man.

There will be so many different values and lessons that we try to impart on you, baby boy, to help make sure you grow into the kind of person we hope you will be. The type of person who leads a life with confidence, love and joy.

And while I sit down to consider all of these values that I so desperately want to teach you, there is one that stands out above the rest. One that will impact so many areas of your life and will help guide you through many different obstacles.

And that lesson for you, baby boy, is about honesty.

I want you to be honest about the path you choose and about pursuing whatever it is that makes you happy. Do it with heart and with determination and make sure that whatever you choose feeds your soul in a way that gives you purpose to start each and every day.

This may not be something that comes easily or that comes early in your life, but eventually you will find it, and no matter what it is that brings you joy, give it the recognition it deserves.

sarah folding baby clothes

I want you to be honest with others. In your friendships, relationships and with your loved ones. Be honest even when it means possibly hurting someone’s feelings. Be honest when someone is hurting you or when a relationship isn’t serving you.

Our days are far too limited to be spent surrounded by people who don’t support us or help build us into better people.

Be honest in your efforts to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Don’t lay blame on others and don’t rely on anyone else to help you accomplish your goals. If you want something work for it, and be honest with yourself about how much effort you are actually willing to put in to reap the rewards.

Sarah and her baby bump lying on the bed

And most importantly, baby boy, I want you to be honest with yourself. Hold yourself accountable when you fail or when you hurt someone. Don’t let those feelings of shame, guilt or despair go without recognition. Understand when you’ve caused pain in another’s life, and be honest with yourself about what you need to do to fix it.

There are so many lessons to learn baby boy,  but it seems to me that living your life with honesty will serve you well no matter where you life leads you.



This blog post was sponsored by Dairy Farmers of Ontario but the opinions expressed remain our own!

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