It’s Sarah’s birthday tomorrow, and in true TKL fashion, we’re throwing some truth bombs about getting older! 

Laughing in Barrie, Ontario

As we make our way through our thirties, approaching the big 4-0, we’re noticing a lot of changes happening to our once youthful selves and they’re not the usual things you’re typically on the lookout for. Since no one gave us the heads up we’re taking this opportunity to let you know what to expect!

Yes, wrinkles and fine lines are a part of aging but what shocked us most were the eye bags that stick around no matter how expensive your concealer or how much sleep you get. These aren’t just any bags, we’re talking dark purple rings so deep you can use them as extra pockets.

If we could go back in time, we’d invest in some hard core eye cream. And sunscreen. And hydrate more.

And while your twenties were likely filled with feel good days, despite little sleep and a junk food-filled diet, that’s all a distant memory come your mid-30’s. Clean eating, hydration and proper rest will become your new mantra and if you veer off course for even a few hours, you’ll pay for it for days. Your purse must haves will now include Pepto Bismol, Tylenol and Tums.

What I eat on Keto by This Kinda LIfe

Hangovers. Forget trying to function after a night of over indulgence. Those easy breezy half day headaches will be replaced with 3 day migraine-like symptoms so intense you’ll swear off booze for months.

On that, you also can’t eat the way you used to. Looking at a burger will add 10 pounds to your butt. Or if you indulge, be warned that you’ll be constipated for days. Proceed with caution. 

Remember your hormone filled teenage years? Be warned those mood swings, breakouts and unpredictable periods are back but this time with a vengeance! And to make it even more interesting you’ll find wiry body hair sprouting up in the most hard to tackle places, turning your showers into mini yoga classes as you try to tame those wild whiskers.  

Mornings begin with not one but two coffee’s followed by a slew of supplements aimed at aiding digestion, increasing metabolism, reducing stress and upping energy. Before bed comes the second round of vitamins all to make sure you can keep up with your career, kids or a generally chaotic lifestyle.

Now the good thing about getting older is that we’ve learned how quickly the years roll by. As we approach mid-life we really don’t care about most of these changes because by this point we’re just too busy enjoying our lives to stop to worry about the signs of aging.

We also find that we love the simpler things in life.  A good wine, a fire, and an hour of uninterrupted TV. 

We love quiet nights at home and stretchy pants and don’t give a damn about the outside world or what they think. Our 20’s were filled with insecurities and we are so past that. 

We can say, without a doubt, that we are enjoying this aging process. There are some things we wish were the same as when we were younger, but we wouldn’t change this for the world.

Happy Birthday, Sarah! There’s no one we’d rather age gracefully with than you!

Grease still gets us, even after watching it hundreds of times.


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