The Back to School rush is on and that means shelling out big bucks for stressed out parents, counting down the hours until that first bell rings. If you’re on a tight income, are watching your wallet or just don’t want to spend all your hard-earned money on your kids return to class, then look no further. We’ve got some great back to books budget-friendly ideas that are sure to help!
Hair cuts at Great Clips by This Kinda Life

Their affordable prices mean a cute new ‘do for all our kids, no matter what style they’re going for. 

Cooper getting a haircut at Great Clips by This Kinda Life

Cooper loves a short and clean look, while Abby wanted to keep her length. Pre-teen Ellie can be fussy about her hair and her stylist, Lindsay, took the time to explain why layers would be great on her and would help enhance her curls.

Ellie's Hair cut at Great Clips by This Kinda Life

Plus, if Mom’s too busy to head to the salon, Dad or anyone else can take the kids for a cut without worry. The Clip Notes system makes it easy for your stylist to pull up the notes from your last appointment. This feature has come in handy on more than one occasion when our husbands helped out and we could be sure our kids would be coming back to us with a mom-approved style!

Kids sucking lollipops at Great clips

Once the hair cuts are complete it’s time to hit the mall. But before you pull out all the stops we suggest taking a few hours to go through your child’s closet. We know it’s a pain in the rear but knowing what your kids actually need and what they don’t will help stop you from overspending.

Back Packs are a must buy and while splurging on a quality bag may seem counterproductive it will save you in the long run. A $40 backpack should last your child through 2-3 years or more, making it far more budget-friendly than a cheaper one. Same goes for lunch bags. Invest in one that is durable, and dark coloured so that it doesn’t show stains after years of use.

Shoe shopping for kids in September can be tough. They need indoor and outdoor shoes and their pairs from last year are either too small or have fallen apart after months of wear and tear. We always invest in a good pair of indoor shoes that can be worn all year long, but suggest going cheap on a pair for outdoor wear in September. Chances are they’ll be swapping their sneakers for boots in a few weeks time. Plus by the time spring rolls around, those runners from the fall likely won’t fit.

Everyone heads to the store to pick out the perfect first day of school outfit, but temperatures don’t always agree with in-store trends. Instead of buying a ton of fall fashions, head to the sale section to pick up a nice summer outfit for the first day and then grab more fall clothing down the road when the cooler weather arrives. This spreads out your back to school investment and hopefully you’ll be able to grab some clearance items when you head back to the stores later in the month.

If your kids are in younger grades, hold off on buying all their pens and pencils until the teacher sends home a list of required items. Just make sure to set aside some time one night on that first week back to head out to grab what they need!

Hopefully these tips help you have an easy transition to the new school year with lots of smiles and tons of style.

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