His creation is credited with saving millions of lives, and now the co-founder of Insulin, Sir Fredrick Banting is being remembered in his hometown of Alliston.

For more than 100 years the Banting family lived on the farm property in Alliston. Their son, Fredrick had a typical childhood going to school in the area in the late 1800’s before heading off to University for studies in general arts. It wasn’t until he transferred to medicine that things became very untypical.

Banting was a war hero, an artist, a teacher and a doctor. One day he had an epiphany that changed the world. He co-founded insulin that would help people with diabetes live longer lives.

In the Banting homestead in Alliston, you can read about his remarkable journey and how diabetes was treated in the early days. Walk through the paths of the property to see where he once walked, how he grew up! It’s amazing to see this international hero be recognized by his hometown.

Banting Homestead is open to the public.

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