Parks are integral parts of any city, and to any mom who needs their kids to blow off some steam! Barrie has a wide variety of parks that offer a bit of everything. Some are close to the water, some bring the water to the kids by way of splash pads, others only have turtles and frogs splashing around.

We asked around to find the parks the residents feel are the best of the best:

  1. Sunnidale Park: ¬†This park has one of the best playgrounds, built by the firefighters, and includes the kid-favourite zipline. For those looking for a place to walk, run or cross country ski, there’s acres of greenspace just for you.
  2. Bear Creek Eco-Park: Turtles, and frogs and geese…oh my! This is like going on a wetland hike right in the city. Keep your eyes open and you’ll see turtles sunbathing on logs, ducks will come up close to be fed and birds fly all around.
  3. Lampman Park: This park underwent a huge transformation, bringing in basketball courts, modern playground equipment for every age and a splash pad. Lampman is Barrie’s go-to summer destination.
  4. Tyndale Park: Parents can lay on the beach and have great views of their kids playing in either the water or the playground. Watch boats, paddleboarders and kayakers from the sand, or have a picnic under the large pavilion.
  5. St. Vincent Park: Parents love this park because it’s quiet, has views of Kempenfelt Bay and it’s shaded, making it perfect for younger kids.

Have a fun summer, and check out these parks for yourself!

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