For people like Apryl with fine hair that often doesn’t have any life to it, John Linkert is about to blow your mind!

With all the products out there it can be overwhelming to find the right one for you. Apryl has tried it all! She even permed her hair once to get volume. It was a disaster!

John recommends the obvious: volumizing shampoo and conditioner, a volume mousse and spray.  What is not so obvious is using dry shampoo when you need that extra lift. He also recommends a good back combing.

“Not teasing!” He says. “That was in the 80’s. We’re back combing and there’s a huge difference.”

John uses two different tools. One is your standard comb and the other is a bristled brush that offers the perfect combination of back combing and smoothing.

When back combing, grab pieces of your hair (around the crown) and pull away from the scalp. Put the brush or the comb near the end of that strand and push the hair toward the scalp. You will get what John calls a bed or small rats nest. Next, gently smooth out the top of that nest, leaving a bit underneath.

“You want to hide nest, not get rid of it.”

John says do this all around your hair where you want added volume and don’t forget the front! It adds balance.

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