We have experienced the various yoga classes and fitness classes offered at BLISS Ann Green Yoga, and now it’s time to take you beyond the mat. Ann shows us how to become Shineologists like her.

Ann believes we need to retreat to nature as much as possible. To recharge and reenergize using nature in everyday life. It could be by bringing nature inside the home, or heading to the lake or the woods to connect.

At Bliss they believe in the balance of healthy bodies and healthy minds. That’s why they offer restorative yoga. A class where you are wrapped up like a cocoon¬†and you’re laying comfortably on the mat in the dark. It allows you to relax your body and mind, and relax muscles you had no idea were being clenched or over used.

And what about that Shineologist movement Ann started? Well, she says it’s not an exclusive club. She wants everyone to live a life of Shine. All you have to do is live for the moment, find your happy, and shine.

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