We just spent three days in a hotel in Toronto with dozens of bloggers, content creators and influencers at the BlissDom conference, and how are we feeling? How about inspired, excited, overwhelmed, and ready to go back for more!

Investing in a conference is just that: an investment. We often shy away from events that take away from our family time and our wallets because we work hard for the money we make. As moms, spending that money on ourselves makes us feel guilty. This time we decided to clear our schedules and spend the money, and we are so glad we did.

When you’re investing in your future there’s no price tag on that, and we didn’t feel guilty about it. We knew instinctively that this weekend was going to be a game changer for us and This Kinda Life. We were ready for it, but weren’t ready for how our minds would be blown.

BlissDom is a conference for bloggers, content creators and influencers. There were panels and presentations, opportunities to connect with people in the industry and find out the things that work for them. Connections that will stay with us forever.

BlissDom at Hotel X in Toronto by This Kinda Life

YouTubers Unite! Amanda Muse, Elle Lindquist, Jamie Scrimgeour and Joanna of The Nesting Story

Here’s the thing: we knew so many people who were attending this conference because they are our “insta-friends” or people we’ve followed on social media for a while. But when you meet them in person, that’s where the magic happens. We connected over wine, coffee and food. We talked about our businesses and talked about our challenges, talked about our families. We met new people who became fast friends.

We came out of there on FIRE.

Here’s why we are so happy to have spent the money on our future and why you need to as well!

Learning from the Best

BlissDom had panels of experts in different areas like podcasting, YouTube, creating online courses and so much more. The presenters shared all the secrets, all the tips and encouraged us to push for more. That’s the best part, there was absolutely no sense of competition.  Everyone wants to see everyone else succeed!

A lot of the people at the conference knew who we are and helped us figure out the direction we wanted to go in. Together we dug down and broke open our business with one goal: growth.

There is a saying: surround yourself with people who are better than you, those who force you to level up. We were in a whole hotel with people who did that for us and we’re ready to level up.

BlissDom at Hotel X in Toronto by This Kinda Life

Our twins! Vanessa and Melissa

Changing Perspective

We went into the conference thinking, we’re not doing a podcast or that we knew YouTube. Not in a cocky way at all, but we got our butts handed to us. We didn’t have all the answers.

We learned that we should be trying out the new media of podcasting because if we are content creators and have something to say, we should be saying it! We learned from some of Canada’s top YouTubers how to do YouTube videos properly and make money!

The point is, don’t go in there expecting you know it all. We worked in television for decades and these powerful women showed us that they’re leaders in the industry for a reason and were kind enough to share how we could improve and be profitable.  We are so humbled.

BlissDom at Hotel X in Toronto by This Kinda Life

Us with the amazing Jamie Scrimgeour

Learn from Side Conversations

One of the highlights of the conference was when a few of us wanted to dig deep into some of the challenges we are facing. Our friends, The GG Sisters, sat us down at a table with about 6 other people, and critiqued media kits, talked strategy, shared their tips on working with brands and so much more.

You sign up for the sessions, the panels and the presentations, but take advantage of the incredibly smart people in the room who are willing to share their knowledge with you.

Make New Friends

We knew a lot of the women who were at the conference through social media and connecting in real life was so great! There are some we hadn’t met before and became fast friends.

Both of us are usually extroverted, but in situations where we need to network we stick to each other like glue because we’re uncomfortable. Or scared even to put ourselves out there to new people.

There was no option for shyness at BlissDom. So many warm, welcoming people who don’t let you get away with being a wallflower and helped us break through our shyness and embrace the fun three days. We felt like so many took us under their wing too.

BlissDom at Hotel X in Toronto by This Kinda Life

Julia Suppa, amazing woman and TV personality

Make the Investment

The conference cost us a few hundred dollars each plus hotel stay, parking and dinners. Sure, there was a lot of things we could have purchased for that, but nothing is more valuable than investing in yourself.

There’s no price tag on learning. We knew we wanted to go to a conference and it may only be one conference because of the cost. The investment was worth it as we came out of it with more direction and more clarity on the industry and how we can take our business to the next step.

We learned from the best of the best and made connections that will last a long time with people who are open to teaching and talking through challenges or collaborating on fun projects.

Grateful, humble, overwhelmed, inspired and ready to take on the world. We have a new focus and can’t wait to take all that we have learned from BlissDom and people who were there and put that into This Kinda Life.

More importantly, we are so grateful to have these powerhouse women in our lives and be able to call them friends. How lucky are we?

BlissDom at Hotel X in Toronto by This Kinda Life

First time swimming in a rooftop pool

So, invest in a conference, even once. Don’t worry about the cost. You will get so much out of it for your business, your mindset and you’ll walk away with new friends who get you. That’s worth more than you can imagine.

Till the next BlissDom, cheers!


Apryl and Sarah


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