Being a mom is pretty awesome, but there’s something particularly sweet about being a mom of a boy.

A while back I wrote on Instagram a little letter to Sarah and offered some pieces of advice about being a mom to a boy.

A small caption on social media doesn’t cut it. I felt like I needed to give her more.

I’ve been a mom to a boy for almost 10 years, and in that decade, I’ve learned a lot about myself and about this mysterious gender.

I am the oldest of three girls, so my knowledge about boys was pretty much NIL. Even so, when I found out I was pregnant after nearly a year of trying, I leaned toward hoping it was a boy. I knew girls, so I wanted to experience something totally different.

Truthfully though, I would have been happy with either a boy or a girl!

When Cooper came, ten days late, I couldn’t wait to get to know him. The connection was instant, and man, was it strong. I couldn’t imagine myself with anyone else in my life. He’s honestly the greatest kid, full of life and full of love.

Now Sarah is having a boy after being a mom to girls for 11 years. So, here’s my advice to her, the things to expect:


I have to start with this one. It’s a never-ending battle. When they’re little, they pee on you. When they’re older, they pee on everything else.

Toilets, no matter how often you clean them, will always have pee on the rim, on the sides, and sometimes on the floor. You will walk by the bathroom, even after cleaning, and it will still smell like pee.

Oh, and while we are on the topic, when I say they pee on everything, that means everything. They will whip it out and pee on your bushes, on the grass, by the tree. Everything. And you can’t stop them.

Acrobats and Dare Devils

They never sit down. Boys are constantly on the move.

Cooper started walking early and was fully running well before his first birthday. He ran after everything.

He refused to be in the stroller, he wanted to push it.

He just wanted to move, and that meant that I had to move with him.

When he got older, jumping from the ottoman to the couch was fun. Then he learned to climb trees and wouldn’t stop climbing. He would climb on top of the play centres at the park.

Basically, anything that would give me a heart attack, he did it.

The moral of the story is be prepared to never sit down ever again.


Slimy Things

For a few years Cooper insisted on collecting snails. If he couldn’t find a live snail, he would keep the empty shells. It was gross but he loved it!

We spent days at the frog pond catching frogs and turtles.

Now we spend the days fishing or searching for Monarch butterfly eggs. We have a farm of caterpillars in our house every year. I never guessed that would happen.

Fart Jokes

Let’s just get really real here. Farting in general is all the rage.

Boys (and their dads) think farting is hilarious. Funny to do, funny to talk about, funny all around.

Moms do not.

However, moms will never win in this battle, so just give in and plug your nose.



I can’t compare Cooper’s affection to that of a daughter, but I will say, boys love their parents equally, but Moms seem to be placed on a higher pedestal. They show this by way of lots of hugs and constantly telling you they love you.

When they need something, we’re the first person they go to. When they are sick or hurt, we are who they go to first.

Boy cuddles are also the absolute best.

Mama’s Boys

My husband will admit he’s a mama’s boy. Early in our relationship, I never understood why he had to call his mom all the time, ask her opinion on something to do with our home or our life.

Now I do.

Moms and boys have a pretty special bond. It’s hard to explain. When I see my son and husband together, they’re like the best of buds. Cooper and I together are something totally different. Dare I say, a deeper connection of sorts.

That connection will never go away, and you’ll suddenly understand that relationship your husband has with his own mom.

Never Say Never

I said I’d never have toy guns in my house. Cooper now has an arsenal of Nerf.

I said I’d never have a lizard in my house. I did have one.

I said I’d never know what stepping on a Lego feels like. I do.

I never thought I’d fight with someone to have a shower. Who doesn’t like showers?

Just go in with no expectations.

Boys can be rough and tumble, dirty, full of life and will keep you on your toes. The truth is, I’ve never felt more loved, or had more affection in my entire life than I do now because of this great kid.

While I don’t have a girl to compare to in the parenting world, and maybe I’m a little bias, but I believe being a boy mom is where its at.



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