We were so excited when we came across an ad on instagram from Walton Wood Farm showcasing all natural products especially for women’s skin care…and the care of their lady areas!

Firstly, we have never seen a product just for women’s shaving areas ( not this specific), nor have we ever seen it with such out there, in your face packaging. Hell ya!!

We called them up, asked them send some over so we could try it. The box came with B’ver Balm. Yep, a balm you put on your beaver after shaving, a sugar scrub and hand lotion. The names were soooo us. It’s the kind of stuff that says, “don’t apologize for being a woman!”  Yeah, we have weeks from hell. Yeah, we are sometimes bitchy, and the Bitch Emergency sugar scrub even says, “sugar to your spice, no need to play nice!”

We tried the products and have to say, we were impressed. Sarah at first put too much balm on and it left her..um, slippery. Apryl needed a bit more moisturizer than what the Week from Hell hand lotion offered. But over all, the smells were pleasant and unlike anything on the market.

And, we have to give Walton Wood Farm huge props for thinking of women in their line of products. That alone is awesome!

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