We all make New Year’s Resolutions, but do you apply that to your career? Kristina Sammut, President and Founder of Executive Coaching for Women is on a mission to help over one thousand women in 3-5 years receive career advancement through promotion, salary increases and more.  The first step in achieving that is to close out 2016 by pausing and recapping the year that was.

“What do you want to take with you, and what are you going to let go of and leave behind?” Kristina says.

Her method is a proven approach to getting the things you want in your professional life, and she gears it toward women and their specific needs.

Here’s her advice:

How to Take Action in 2017! – “Don’t give up on the journey to keep moving forward”

 Remember to P.A.C.E. Yourself! Assess where you are through the P.A.C.E. Approach

    • Pause (get quiet, and listen to what’s surfacing)
    • Ask Questions
    • Clarify (get clarity, access to more information, make decisions, )
    • Evaluate your situation.

 Evaluate your Career Situation (4 areas)

    • Role/position,
    • Salary/compensation,
    • Industry
    • Peace of mind/Work life balance – Are you happy?

 SHIFT where your starting from (values)

    • Identify your values because your values will help you determine your value and what you really value

 Growth vs Resources

    • Identify where you need to grow and what resources you need

 Be Your Own Advocate: Be responsive to your own needs and take accountability (power) and communicate to your partner, boss. You are responsible for your own happiness.

  • Find a Mentor, Be Sponsored
  • Extreme Self Care

Follow her advice to help you have the most prosperous 2017! To learn more about Kristina and her coaching opportunities, visit her at:



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