How do you clean your house? Once a week? Once every two weeks?

However you’re doing it, we can guarantee you could be doing it better. Alicia, professional stager and cleaner with the Peggy Hill Team, came to help us clean Sarah’s kitchen and bathroom (the dirtiest in the house) and showed us some tips that will take us to the next level.

Watch the video and then head below for more tips:

First thing is be organized, have all supplies and cloths readily available. Alicia has a handy cart on wheels with all her supplies. It makes it super easy to move from room to room.

Cleaning tips by This Kinda Life

Always put away any clutter at the end of the day, so each morning is a fresh start.

Alicia loves to say everything has a place, everything in its place. A de-cluttered home always looks clean, so try to make this a priority every night.

Cleaning tips by This Kinda Life

Textiles need to be washed regularly to remove odors. Alicia recommends three times a year, especially drapery. Just throw them in the washing machine on a delicate cycle and hang to dry.

In the kitchen, fill the sink with all purpose cleaner. Wash with one cloth and dry immediately. This can be for everything in the kitchen and leaves even the stainless-steel sparkling! We were shocked.

Cleaning tips by This Kinda Life

Alicia says this technique truly leaves your home clean, unlike wipes, which she says smear the germs all over.

Wash your sheets every week, but to save time, have a second set of sheets that you can swap out.

Vacuum twice a week to prevent build up.

Cleaning tips by This Kinda Life

Spritz showers and tubs a couple of times a week and give it a wipe down. Do the same for toilets. This will help keep the build up down, plus, you’re on top of messes and you won’t be embarrassed if you have guests use the bathrooms.

Do your dishes every day and wipe out sinks, or load dishwasher. Add a splash of bleach for a pristine clean.

Wipe down the mirrors daily. This is an area that often gets splattered with toothpaste and so much more. Keep them in pristine condition with a quick wipe every morning.

Cleaning tips by This Kinda Life

Take time to do a task or two each day. Pick a chore from dusting to vacuuming and do something every day. It will make housework feel less daunting, plus you’re on top of the messes.

Saving time in the long run and giving you the fulfillment of not having to spend your weekend chained to your chores.

Happy Cleaning!

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