For many women, especially after having kids, incontinence is a regular part of their day. It happens when picking up your kids, working out or even sneezing.

Samantha is one mom who structures her whole day around the possibility of having an accident.

“I need to pack things so I don’t have an accident and extra clothes if I actually have an accident.  It’s embarrassing.”

You may feel like it’s just normal, but we found out that it’s not! Believe us, Sarah almost fell of her chair when Health Partners Professionals told us they offer physiotherapy to help cure it. Often in as little as one session.

Denine, one of the physiotherapists at HPP, treats women who suffer from this annoying, often embarrassing condition.

“It happens to athletes who have never had kids,” she explains.  “It happens to women who have had vaginal births too, and it can be helped.”

Denine puts you through a series of breathing exercises to help the diaphragm and the pelvic floor work together. They need to be in sync to work. The other big issue with the pelvic floor is our posture. She helps to improve the posture, which then puts the pelvic floor back in alignment.

“When we’re pregnant we tend to lean back to compensate for the amount of weight we hold out front. After we have the baby, our bodies tend to stay in that formation. We need to lean forward from your ankles, then try to stand back up so you are standing properly. That will help.”

Denine sees a lot of patients for this condition and encourages people to see her if incontinence is a problem. It’s something many women think is just a normal part of getting older or having kids, but Denine says that’s absolutely not true!

If you feel that you can benefit from Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, Contact HPP here. 

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