In between dental visits it’s so important to keep that smile healthy. Jenny of Georgian Mall Family Dental shares with us her top tips.

First thing, especially just before the kids go back to school, head to the dentist for a cleaning. Nothing feels better than that freshly cleaned mouth from the dentist office.

Flossing is a must. When you have young kids, it’s never too early to start. Jenny says there are so many new products out there that make flossing easy, from picks to thread. Just start them off with anything that they feel comfortable holding. Same goes for brushing. Let the kiddos brush on their own, then the parents need to do a once over after.

A great product Jenny believes in is a tablet that the kids chew, and the sugar bugs turn pink in their mouths. It turns into a game for the kids as they work to brush away all the pink, and the plaque at the same time. There is also a rise you can buy that does the same thing.

Jenny also recommends an electric toothbrush. Any type will do but she cautions to let the brush do the work.

For all those kids heading back to school, especially those heading to college or university, put together a tooth care package. Kids will appreciate that.

Hope the kids go back with great smiles!

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