One of the things we love most about the Peggy Hill Team is that they give advice that is completely attainable. You can have a beautiful home, whether you are buying or just living in your house, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money.  In fact, the Team often says don’t spend a lot of cash!

Brenda, Sales Representative with the Peggy Hill Team met us at the Allandale Home Hardware Building Centre in Barrie to give her tips on easy curb appeal.

First thing is to clean up that house! Knock down cob webs, clear up leaves, just keep everything clean.

Flowers go a long way. You can pick up some hanging baskets and that is all you need to make the front of your home look inviting.

A front mat makes a world of difference as well, and you can get them in any design and in any price.

Beyond the quick fixes, there are some things Brenda really recommends.  Change your door handle!!  You can do this for about $50 and it makes your door look more modern. Same goes for the light fixtures. They don’t need to be high end to make an impact.

Paint! There are so many easy options for paint, including products that you wipe on instead of paint on. Keep the colours neutral, but opt for a big pop of colour on the door only.

Who knew curb appeal was so easy?!

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