Try this amazing Egg Nog French Toast recipe and wow your family and friends this Holiday!

Shalu of the Simmering Kettle and Dosti Eats in Barrie was on Comfies and Cocktails (our Facebook Live show), and shared with us her holiday version of a breakfast classic.  We are completely blown away! Egg Nog French is simple and quick but will make your guests drool.  Make this Christmas morning or anytime during the holidays.

This is definitely going on our list of things to make!

Egg Nog French Toast

Servings 4 People


  • 6 eggs
  • 4 oz egg nog (good quality)
  • 8 slices thick sliced bread
  • 1 tbsp butter


  1. Heat electric griddle to 375

  2. Beat the eggs in a bowl then add the egg nog

  3. Dip bread in the mixture, and gently squeeze the sides to allow the bread to suck in more mixture

  4. Butter the griddle

  5. Place the bread on the griddle. When the bread is golden brown, flip over. 

  6. When it is cooked all the way, place on a plate and pat butter on the bread. 

  7. Shake icing sugar and cinnamon on top, then dollop with rum whipped cream (whipping cream with rum folded in!)  then pour syrup on top.

  8. Enjoy!

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