For years we drove past Bliss Ann Green Yoga’s studio, the beautiful green building on the waterfront in Barrie, and wondered what it was like inside. We were big fans of yoga and often took classes at gyms or community centres, but not in a local studio.

The minute you walk into the studio, it’s like the walls vibrate with soothing, calming vibes. Almost like there are invisible arms reaching for you in an inviting way. We were greeted with a huge smile from a woman who you instinctively know is the source of those good vibes…Ann Green herself.  You’re in awe of this woman who has been recognized internationally for her yoga practice and teachings. A woman who is from North Bay, who brought world class yoga to Barrie and works tirelessly to recruit people from all over to experience the Bliss of her studio in her new hometown.

After learning a little more about Ann, we got to experience one of her yoga classes. We aren’t new to the practice, but we are new to this experience. The classes, overlooking Kempenfelt Bay, offer a calming effect. The instructors are there to offer you the workout of your life, but also to remind you to go at your own pace. Some of those in the room could do headstands, but we stuck to the basics, and that seemed alright to everyone else.

Ann Green offers classes for all abilities, and recommends a beginner class if you have never tried it before.  Workshops for those looking to expand their practice are also offered.

If you’ve done yoga in the past we still recommend that you try Ann’s studio. There’s a different vibration in the historic building that is only accentuated by the water, by the people and by Ann’s warm personality.

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