We review eyelash extensions and find we can’t live without them!

For us, our jobs can make our beauty routine pretty high maintenance. The skin prep, the make up application, the touch ups, the cleansing, the nightly moisturizing. It’s a never-ending cycle. Despite our best attempts, we still have days we look tired.  We think most moms do!

We were approached by Helena of New Tec Lashes in Alliston to try lash extensions. We were admittedly hesitant at first because we have heard the upkeep can be time consuming and expensive. We couldn’t deny our friends who had lash extensions swore by them, and they looked gorgeous.  Despite that, we were timid to try. With Helena’s encouragement, we decided to jump in.

The beautiful Helena of New Tec Lashes.

Helena welcomed us to her home studio located near the Nottawasaga Inn. It was warm and calming, complete with an eyelash adorned deer wall decoration. This woman loves her lashes!

We were told to hop onto a bed, much like a massage table, but this one was heated and so comfortable. Trust us, it was nap inducing!

Eyelash Extension by New Tec Lashes

Helena went to work getting our lashes on. The whole process took three hours for the initial appointment. She is meticulous in the application, ensuring the finished product looks natural. We both had the classic style, which is basically just making the lashes look fuller.

After the lashes were finished we could see the difference right away. Our eyes look brighter and there was a different look to our make-up free faces. The next day we were able to wear make up, but we noticed there was less of a need for the full make up we would normally wear. A bit of BB Cream, blush and bit of eye shadow and we were done! This was life changing as we often go from on-camera mode to mom mode at a snap of a finger. Early mornings at the rink or the pool with our kids mean we’re tired and go there make up free. With the lashes, we look like we put ourselves together even though we literally ran out of the house without brushing our hair!

Before and After Eyelash Extensions

The hardest part was getting used to the lashes. Helena believes in caring for them, which means brushing often and cleaning them with the proper cleaner. She says, be careful! Easier said than done in that first week. We had to adjust how we slept, or a cat would rub our faces in the early mornings, or we were just used to rubbing our eyes. That all stopped after a week and now we barely feel them.

Sarah after Eyelash Extensions

Now that we’ve had our first fills and had numerous photos and videos done, we’re hooked. Early morning activities with the kids are a breeze as we can get away with not wearing make up but still look, you know, made up!

They’re not as high maintenance as we thought they would be. Just clean, brush and go! As for the time it takes to get refilled, we enjoy that time immensely.  It’a about an hour an a half to have them filled. As for price, we would say they are something you would definitely budget for, but then you won’t even notice that money is missing. $100 to have them put on, then $50 per fill, which happens every three weeks. It’s something we both say we will be keeping up.

Thank you to Helena for giving us the push to try them! We can’t live without them.


Sarah and Apryl

P.S.  While we partnered with New Tec Lashes to try it out for six months, our review is based on our own personal opinions and not at all swayed by our partnership.


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