For any kid, the first dentist visit can be terrifying. We’ve been there!  That first time when they are not sure about the big chair, the tools the hygienist uses, or the taste of the toothpaste! Georgian Mall Family Dental in Barrie gets kids. They want them to have a great visit, so there is an emphasis on fun.

First thing is spending time in the Kids Zone where there are wall to wall video games. Our kids could have stayed there all day!!

Second, getting used to the chair, especially for younger kids. The first visit will often just be the kids riding the chair, wearing sunglasses and watching cartoons. And that’s ok! Melissa, the hygienist we spoke with says it’s important that they see the dental office isn’t scary.

Afterward, the kids will go to the treasure tower to get a toy, then they are off!

Melissa says often times the parents are making the anxiety worse. She advises parents to keep calm and that way the kids will feel calm.

Great advice, and our kids definitely felt spoiled there during our visit!



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