Sarah and Apryl have started the TKL Summer Slim Down Challenge. Pat Savoury of Pat on Your Back Personal Fitness helps them kick start the fitness part in this quick and effective circuit.

Here are the details of the circuit:

Do each exercise for 30 seconds with a 45 second rest between each move. Continue to do the circuit for 30 minutes.

Squats – Feet are hip-width apart, lower yourself in a sitting position and then back up.

Alternating Lunges – Step forward, longer than your walking stride, drop the back knee to the ground. Switch legs.

Push Ups – On the ground, or using a bench, lower your upper body until your arms have a 90 degree bend, push back up.

Jumping Jacks – Make sure you clap your hands over your head!

Triceps Dips – Hands on the edge of the bench, bend elbows to lower hips toward the ground, then push back up.

Step-Cross-Step – Left leg to the left, right leg crosses left to step down and left leg steps to left a second time.

Plank –  On toes with feet together on forearms (or hands) lift off the ground to a level position.

Bird Dog – Start on hands and knees and lift your left arm with your right leg. Hold for a second. Lower and switch sides.


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