“My head is killing me,” that’s what we all said when we walked around Discovery Harbour for the Ghost Tour. There were five of us and our tour guides. Sarah and I had been there before, so we knew what to expect, but Apryl’s aunt, uncle and cousin were there for the first time. They were experiencing the same things we were.

Discovery Harbour was a military base in the early 1800’s, and over the past 200 years ghost stories have been mounting. Mary, our guide and one of the longest serving employees at the site, has had the most experiences with ghostly apparitions and more.

“We were in the Officer’s Mess and a giant orb floated in, stayed there for a minute and then disappeared in the wall.”

So many stories over the years prompted Discovery Harbour to start the annual Ghost Tours, a chance for the public to hear those tales, and maybe experience some of their own. Like these photos, taken by real people and submitted. All are unexplained.

Ghosts at Discovery Harbour

Ghosts at Discovery Harbour

Ghosts at Discovery Harbour

For us, it wasn’t just the headaches, but the touches and weird feelings. We all felt like we were being touched in the back area. It was a vibration, like your phone was going off, except our phones weren’t there. Sarah was using our Osmo Mobile and it kept spinning and would stop working. Chelsea, Apryl’s cousin felt like she would pass out if she went upstairs in the Keating House, but once stepped down she felt fine.

Then there was a really strange thing that happened. Apryl’s aunt, Gail, felt an urgency to find the stairs in the Officer’s Quaters, the most haunted building on the site, and once she found them she felt like she had to avoid them. In fact, she wanted to run out of the building! Mary explained that in the 1940’s, a boy died upstairs and wasn’t found for days.

Some staff at the Harbour tell the story of a man in black running through the woods and it looks like he’s missing part of his head.  Many of them refuse to be alone in the buildings, hearing strange noises like running in the upstairs of the Keating House, when no one is there.

Tour participants have seen faces in the windows, or even caught images in the mirrors. Or women in long dresses walking across the path. The stories are endless, and all of them a will make your hair stand up on your arms.

We’ve been to those haunted houses where people scare you on purpose, but to be part of the Ghost Tours at Discovery Harbour, well, that’s the real deal! It’s true stories told by people who work there. Plus, you experience things on your own, which makes it so much fun!

Definitely can’t wait to go back again next year!

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