The recipe for the perfect girls night hasn’t really changed over the years despite all the changes in our lives. Kids, jobs, general chaos….Friday night’s spent at home are definitely more our style. All you need is wine, popcorn and a classic movie with your bestie. Throw on some leggings and you’ve got yourself a mom-tastic night!

Sarah and Apryl love re-watching Grease

One of our favourite flicks combines all the greatest elements of movie making – comedy, catchy music and teen romance! Of course we’re talking about Grease!  From the high school drama to the dinners and dancing, it’s a movie we’ve watched over and over and over again! Seriously we just can’t get enough!! It’s Grease lightening baby! (I just couldn’t resist!)

Plus, let’s be honest we’re all a little bit like Sandra D. Soft and sweet but also with a bad ass side, just waiting to be revealed. Or maybe you’re more like one of the Pink Ladies? Fierce and not to be messed with. Side note – Sandy’s curly haired, leather jacket look at the end, is Sarah’s go-to party look and always has been!

It’s been 4 decades since the movie first hit the big screen and with all the elements listed above, it’s no surprise that it still has a huge fan following. So much so that it was brought back to the stage and recently played in T.O.


Grease LIVE in Toronto 2017

We’re sad to say we didn’t get a chance to go, but it would have definitely been the most epic girls night! Here’s a quick recap we found on Instagram, from their closing performance a few months back, showing off all the fun.

It sounds like producers and audiences alike were sad to see the show’s run come to a close but there’s good news for those of us who missed it the first time around. Grease the musical is coming back to the stage in Toronto and there’s definitely still an appetite for that 50’s style fun, even 40 years after we first fell in love with Danny and Sandy’s summer romance. We’ll definitely be heading to the show for an amazing night out and hope to see you there! We’ll be the ones in the pink jackets!

You can grab your tickets here .

Grease still gets us, even after watching it hundreds of times.

Sarah and Apryl

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