There was a time that going green in your home meant thousands and thousands of dollars worth of upgrades. Now, the small changes you make at your home could cost $20 and make a big impact on the environment and your bank balance.

Jordan Mollison is a sales representative with the Peggy Hill Team and he says don’t over think it. Changing your lights to LED lights should be your first step.  The lights you get at the hardware store should do it for you and the technology has improved over the years. Plus, they are not expensive, they last longer and use a lot less electricity.

Using a Rain Barrel will help with water consumption over the summer months, and irrigation systems turn off after a certain amount of water has been sprayed on your lawn. It helps to be aware of the water you use to keep your garden green. Or go with drought resistant plants for those very dry months. It will make your home look great with very little watering.

There are also ways inside the home to reduce the water you use. One is a device through Nest that puts a timer on your showers. So, if you have someone who likes long showers, the timer will put a stop to the waste of water, and reserve hot water for the rest of the family.

Jordan also recommends washing all clothing in cold water. With the washing machines and laundry detergents improving, clothes will still be clean with cold water. Plus, you’re saving on heating costs.

While we’re on the topic of water, one of the biggest bangs for your buck is to switch the hot water tank to on-demand water. Often times it’s heated by gas and you get only what you need heated. It will be an investment at first, but it won’t take long for you to start seeing your investment come back to you.

Solar panels were once all the rage, but Jordan cautions that there are no longer programs to support the payment of these. So, if you are interested in the solar panels, just make sure you’re doing it for yourself. You can still reap the benefits of generating power, but installation costs will be on you, not the government.

Hopefully these tips will help you live a more green lifestyle. For more on the home we featured, search 10 Emily Avenue at

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