If you’ve been watching our Insta Stories, you’ve probably heard us complaining about headaches that just won’t go away. No amount of sleep or medication was easing the pain. For us, we don’t love taking a ton of pills.

Also, we don’t have time to be down and out. What woman does?

Sarah gets migraines, the kind that feels like deep pounding in your head.

Apryl gets tension headaches that feel like your head is being squeezed and you feel it in your temples and across your forehead.

These are the two most common headaches, and our new friends at Impact Healthcare tell us they treat these conditions naturally and with incredible results.

“You have to see what triggers the headaches,” Dr. Casey Smith, Chiropractor with Impact Healthcare told us.

“Migraines are triggered by your environment or can be cyclical.  Find out what triggers it, whether it’s your monthly cycle, or what have you, and you can get ahead of that.”

Being ahead of that means go get assessed by the chiropractor. Often migraines need to be treated by what Dr. Casey calls manipulation, essentially an adjustment.

For the tension headache, that doesn’t need an adjustment all the time. This one is triggered by stress and to treat this he does a number of movements and uses pressure points in your neck to ease that tension.

In 20 minutes the headache is gone. But that’s not the end of the work.

“I recommend you do exercises at home to keep the muscles from tensing up again,” Dr. Casey advises.

We are happy to report, the headaches are gone and it took no time at all.  Best of all, it took no medication or downtime.

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