Barrie author inspires in her book, Heart is Where the Home is

Heart is Where the Home is

Before I met Vanessa Marie Dewsbury I kind of knew her. We had mutual friends, we were both photographers, and for years we were aware of each other, but were never introduced. It wasn’t until I met her in real life that I realized there was a connection.

I’m a little intuitive and spiritual. I see and feel things that others can’t, and that can be hard to understand. Once I met Vanessa I felt like she really got me. As a reiki master, operating Soul Alive Barrie, she’s trained to take her spiritual nature to the next level and help others. She saw the Universe in a different way, and I love that!

Heart is Where the Home is

Being an empath and a healer brought her to writing a book, “Heart is Where the Home is”. It’s a series of passages that uplift you page by page. From heartbreak to illness to living your authentic life, she writes from her soul and inspires you to do the same. It’s not preachy, instead it is calm, serene and draws from Vanessa’s own experiences and her journey to enlightenment. In it, she writes about how she finally found her true purpose and started living…really living a beautiful, bountiful, love-filled life.

From the first page I was hooked. One quote that speaks to me is, “stop focusing on what you don’t have and appreciate what you have!” As well as, “Abundance is grown through gratitude.” It’s so true. Mindset is so powerful, and her book is a daily reminder to live your passion. Reminders we all need! The book is one that will enlighten you, inspire you and hopefully change the way you live your life.

Get to know more about Vanessa and her book, Heart is Where the Home is:

When did you know you had to write Heart is Where the Home is? What was the sign?

Several years ago friends of mine started suggesting to me that I should write a book after reading insights and inspiration that I shared on my Facebook page. They planted the seeds and it wasn’t until about 2 years ago that the seeds began to grow. Their encouragement was my sign.

You talk about fear, and I imagine writing a book would be scary! How did you overcome that fear? 

It was scary! I’m a sensitive being in nature so the thought of putting my heart and soul on the line for people to judge was absolutely terrifying. But something in me told me not to fear, and to just keep chasing the dream. And it’s been an amazing experience. My book has received almost 60 Five Star Reviews. I overcame the fear by holding complete trust within. And I surrendered to what would be.

Reading the book, I can almost see your journey from fear to finding your passion and living an authentic life. Tell us about that journey!

The journey has been intense. From unhealthy relationships, major health issues, to the death of my first boyfriend. I didn’t realize I hadn’t healed that traumatic experience until several years ago when my sister asked me who helped with my healing after the loss. I immediately became overcome with emotion realizing that no one had helped me. I didn’t have resources or tools or anyone to talk to. And so the wound and the pain lived with me for 30 plus years. But I needed every inch of my journey to bring me here. To the life I’m living now and helping people on their own healing journeys. I didn’t have the help, which I believe is why I’m so passionate about helping others. I know what it’s like to feel alone and lost.

The book is packed with advice, and one I love is about abundance and appreciation. What piece of advice do you find people need the most?

Living in a state of gratitude has been a game changer for me. I used to live in a mind state of lack. I was endlessly searching for happiness and love externally, not realizing the search was meant to be done inwardly. After healing from my health issues, I was so grateful for my health. That triggered me into the abundant mindset. I became grateful from something as simple as the blossoming of a flower to the store clerk asking me how my day is. The more grateful we are for what we already have, the more abundant and peaceful our lives become.

You talk about hurt, sadness, failure and loss, but not as something that needs to hold people back, rather as something that shapes us and makes more beautiful. That’s a really positive way of seeing things. How can people change their way of thinking so they can let go of those feelings?

Well, I will say, there is lots of healing to be done in the world and it needs to start within. I had to dig deep within my soul and face the good, the “bad” and the “ugly” in order to release the pain, sadness and hurt I had repressed for so many years. I had to understand that things happen for me, not to me. I needed to change my mindset from victim, to survivor. The inner work is how my positive mindset came to be, and our mindset literally sets the tone for our life.

What do you hope others get from reading Heart is Where the Home is?

My intention and my “Why” in this life is to help others remember who they are. I shared my truths within my book because I know deep down others will resonate. And when we share the deepness within our heart, it creates a connection to the souls of others. It offers understanding, compassion, empathy and most importantly love. And we all want to feel and be loved. My hope is that my book helps others not feel so alone.

Heart is Where the Home is

You can purchase your copy of Heart is Where the Home is on Amazon, on Soul Alive Barrie’s website or at Bell, Book and Candle in Barrie.




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